Maria G

Maria is a Cuban born, Miami raised, officially made-it-to-Texas mom of 3 who has called the Katy area home for the past 11 years. Growing up in Miami has played a central role in Maria's cultural identity and how she is raising her kiddos. While attending Florida International University {Go Panthers!}, she met a cute boy named Alex. He had the most amazing smile and a head full of hair and since getting married and adding Daniel {November 2007}, Nicolas {January 2010} and Matteo {June 2011} to the family, he now has no hair but still an amazing smile! Maria was lucky enough to travel to far away places during her time working for a large international firm but switched gears after having kids to focus on another passion – helping people through fitness. She believes we are always a work in progress and we shouldn’t be afraid to reinvent ourselves! When she’s not chasing her three boys, Maria enjoys date nights, distance running, binge watching HGTV and enjoying a little vino with her friends!
How I Fought Hair Loss and Reclaimed My Curls. A photograph of a woman's hair. Logo: Houston moms.

How I Fought Hair Loss and Reclaimed My Curls

Ya know COVID...I really thought you'd be gone by now. Back in March life as we knew it went haywire with virtual school, the sudden loss of human contact outside of our immediate families,...
In the foreground, a stressed woman with her hands pressing her temples. In the background, a mother holds the face of her adult son.

Living With My Mother-In-Law:: The Ultimate Patience Vessel

As the years go by, marriages go through ups and downs. I guess that is why most vows have that little section about “in good times and bad times”. My husband and I have...

Cooking Hacks for Busy Moms

I’m not a domestic diva by any means. I love the smell of clean laundry but I hate to fold it and put it away. Oh how I wish there was a machine that...

Mom of All Trades:: Finding New Talents in the Midst of a Pandemic

So many of us that carry the title of MOM on our shoulders along with so many other titles. And we carry the MOM title well. You’ve always carried it well. And now, with...
I am a runner

I Am a Runner. Everyone Should be Able to Run.

Do you know what the beauty of being a runner is? That runners come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and colors. Yes. Colors. People of all skin tones like to run. I am of the...

Autism:: The Other Pandemic

Every April, the world changes to light things up blue for Autism Awareness Month. This year, as the world battles COVID 19, Autism Awareness Month has taken a bit of a backseat and understandably...

I’m Ditching the Resolutions and Living by Mantras Instead

Happy New Year! Another decade has come and gone! As I begin my 5th decade, I am excited to announce that this year I have NO resolutions! Yep, no resolutions! I'm not going to say...

Middle Child Mom Guilt:: Am I Giving Him Enough?

Dear Middle Child … I want you to know that you are loved beyond measure. You are a ray of sunshine and hope…of maturity and practicality…of understanding and acceptance. You my love are one amazing...
Fleeting Emojis and Cordless Phones:: Why Technology Can't Replace Human Connection

Fleeting Emojis and Cordless Phones:: Why Technology Can’t Replace Human Connection

When was your last meaningful instance of human connection? When was the last time you actually spoke to somebody on the phone instead of a text? When did you last have a meaningful conversation...
An Ode to Trader Joe's | Houston Moms Blog

An Ode to Trader Joe’s

I should start this post by saying that TJ's, yes we are on a nickname basis, has not paid me or given me free groceries for sharing my love for them. But alas...I am...