Apple Stamping {A Rosh Hashanah Project}

Hiiiii friends!  It feels like we’ve been away for so long with our whole30 posts taking up so much of our blogging time!! It’s great to be here chatting about life and because it’s that time of year, I’d love to share a project with y’all that celebrates Rosh Hashanah :: the Jewish New Year.  On the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah is like the playoff to the Superbowl that is Yom Kippur – the day of atonement.  It’s a big deal, y’all.  My kids have started coming home from school singing Rosh Hashanah songs, talking about projects they are doing, and are asking for apples and honey to eat!  I’ve stocked up on apples, and we’ve been dipping for the past week in hopes of a sweet new year.

apple and honey

Rosh Hashanah is not usually gift giving time at our school, but we have already been soooo lucky this year in the teacher department.  I wanted to do a little something to let these men and women know I appreciate them.  So much love for my little people and such passion for their craft.  I’m trying to instill in Olivia and Laine and even in Owen, that tiny acts of kindness can go a long way when you want someone to know how much they mean to you!  So today after our snack, I cut an apple in half to make stampers.  I told the girls we were going to put apple stamps on some gift bags and hide a little Starbucks treat inside the bags to give their teachers.  They were pumped!

All we did was squeeze some paint on a paper plate, dip the apple in the paint, and then press the apple onto the gift bag.

apple stamps

When the bags dried, I painted over them with the words :: Shana Tova, which means Happy New Year.  The girls can’t wait to walk into school on their last day before the Rosh Hashanah break and give each of their teachers a little something special.  Y’all, drop the hebrew words and this is an adorable gift bag for teacher appreciation week, back-to-school, and end of the year gifts!  Right?!?!?

apple stamping porject

For those of you who celebrate, we hope that you have a happy, healthy, and sweet new year! L’Shana Tova!

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Jessica and Sarah
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