4 At-Home Dates to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

As a single woman, I enjoyed going out on dates. Back then this was an opportunity to find a new hang-out spot, learn more about myself and the type of men I was into, and maybe enjoy a delicious meal. Fast forward to 4 kids and a busy schedule, dating my spouse is more about getting alone time with each other and reconnecting. This usually means we have to get creative and plan at-home dates, instead of going out.

I had the privilege of having my mom live with us for over five years. During this time, we were the odd couple with young children doing weekly dates. We pulled this off until March of 2020 when the world shut down. It was tempting for us to stop since everything was closed but we got creative. We had to, with everyone at home and the endless time together. As things opened up, my mom moved out and we joined the millions of couples who were struggling to get in even quarterly dates.

When childcare and or financial constraints prevent a couple from going on dates, one or both people must be creative. As Valentine’s Day approaches many couples who want to celebrate may be forced to stay in. Rest assured friends, you can still have fun and meaningful dates within the four walls of your home. All you need is your sweetheart, a little creativity, and an open mind.

Have a Dance Party

couple dancing at home dateOne of our favorite activities, before we got married, was dancing the night away at clubs, parties, and weddings. Whenever my mom picks up the kids, we ask Alexa to play our favorite dance playlist and have our self a good ole dance party. If you really want to get into it, these strobe lights can take your party to another level.

The trick to making this date successful is just a bit of planning. Create a playlist with a mix of your current favorites, just like when you were dating. Pick out a cute and flirty outfit (clothing is totally optional too). Pour your favorite drink and dance the night away.

Plan an Indoor Picnic

Charcuterie boards grew in popularity during the pandemic, and they seem to be here to stay. These French-inspired boards can be made by almost anyone, so get creative. You can also order from any local board maker. Plan an indoor picnic with your favorite drinks and ask each other some of these questions to get to know your sweetheart on a deeper level.

Cook Together

Cooking can be sensual and fun. Pick a recipe you both want to try out and go to town. My favorite thing about cooking as a date is that you can use all your senses. There’s a lot of flirting that can take place when you are cooking and of course, there’s the partnership it takes to pull off a delicious meal. Here are some great date night recipes that you can make any time of the day.

(Literally) Sleep Together

couple sleeping togetherLastly, depending on the season of life I’m in, one of my favorite indoor at-home dates is sleep. Yes, you heard that right. Order takeout or get your favorite easy meal and just sleep. Sure, dates are a time to connect and get to know each other better but sometimes as parents, we are so depleted, we just need the rest. Think about it, depending on the age of your children, when was the last time you woke up without someone banging on your door, busting into your room, or crying? So, if you both are exhausted, this is me giving you permission to cancel all the plans and just rest. Remember you can’t pour out of an empty vessel.

Happy Valentine’s Day and may planning one of these at-home dates help your love grow inside your home.

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