Athletic Apparel Helps Spread Awareness for Ovarian Cancer {Plus a Giveaway!}

As we get ready to close out February and National Cancer Prevention Month, we’re completely in love with our newest sponsor, Auggie Apparel.

Auggie Apparel was founded by Bryan Babbitt, whose mother Margaret “Auggie” Babbitt lost her life to ovarian cancer, with the goal of giving back and to raise awareness. Auggie Apparel is an athletic apparel company that gives back 20% of its profits to the fight against ovarian cancer, which makes it much different than just any ol’ athletic apparel company.

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In their push to give back and join the fight against ovarian cancer, they have committed 20 percent of their profit to help funding for ovarian cancer research as well as provide funds to help women and families of those affected by ovarian cancer pay their medical bills. It’s “apparel on a mission”, and honestly, we can’t think of a better mission to support. If just one woman can be saved and cured from ovarian cancer as a result of Auggie Apparel, then, well, mission accomplished. Let’s strive to join a cause that could save hundreds of thousands of women each year. According to UpToDate, in 2008 there were 225,500 new cases of ovarian cancer worldwide, and it is estimated that approximately 22,000 cases are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year.

Unfortunately, unlike mammograms for breast cancer and colonoscopies for colon cancer, there are no great and effective tests to screen for or to help aid in the early detection of ovarian cancer. As women, that means we need to know the risk factors for ovarian cancer and where we fall in that risk stratification. We also need to know the symptoms and signs of ovarian cancer, and lastly, we need to have insight to our bodies so that we might be able to pick up on any early changes that might warrant further evaluation.

Some risk factors for ovarian cancer include ::

  • age greater than 40
  • early menopause
  • lack of children
  • obesity
  • estrogen replacement therapy without progesterone for more than five years
  • personal history of breast cancer
  • family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer
  • family history of colorectal cancer
  • personal or family history of the BRCA gene mutation

Some keys to early detection ::

1} Know the symptoms and listen to your body. Watch for symptoms that occur almost daily for more than a few weeks. Symptoms include but are not limited to…

  • pain in the pelvis or belly
  • bloating
  • trouble eating or feeling full quicker
  • urinary frequency or urgency

2} Know your family history. If your mother, sister, or daughter has had ovarian cancer or breast cancer, you are considered high risk for ovarian cancer and you need to be sure to share that with all of your health care providers. Also, if your parent, sibling, or child has had colorectal cancer, you are high risk for ovarian cancer, and you need to be sure that you share that with all of your health care providers as well.

3} If you have any of the above, you should ask your doctor if further workup is warranted. Many times further work-up for patients at risk of ovarian cancer include but is not limited to – pelvic exams, pelvic ultrasounds, and/or a CA-125 blood test.

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Not only do they stand behind their cause, but they also stand before their quality providing us athletic apparel that is top-notch.  Their cotton is laundered, extremely soft, comfortable with great stretch and recovery. Their lycra is breathable and soft. Plus, we might be a little biased to the beautiful and fun bright teal color they use to brand their apparel.  Auggie Apparel spoiled me a bit and surprised me with some of the apparel, and I may have slept in their t-shirt the first night — it’s super soft. And finally, I’m a sucker for good packaging and great presentation, and I love their attention to detail in, not only their products and their cause, but in their packaging as well.

Raising awareness for ovarian cancer is near and dear to our hearts here at Houston Moms Blog.  Stay turned for a fun Mom’s Night Out in May, which Auggie Apparel will be helping sponsor, which will focus around ovarian cancer awareness.  If you’re looking for other ways to get involved in the fight against ovarian cancer, please check out the 18th annual Sprint for life 5K Run/Walk and Sprint for Sprouts Kid’s Run on May 2nd. More details on their website.

Auggie Apparel is giving one lucky reader a chance to adorn some Auggie Apparel and to join #teamauggie in the fight against ovarian cancer. One lucky winner will receive a pair of Auggie Apparel yoga capris as well as one of their lovely teal racerback tanks. Enter below — good luck!

Winner :: Meghan C.

Sources used for the writing of this article :: and

Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, we are wildly passionate about Auggie Apparel and their mission and proud to share our honest opinions about their company and their clothes.

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  1. I love that they donate to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Groups. As an oncology nurse I know how important research and support is!


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