Ese D.

Ese is a proud Nigerian American who spent most of her teenage years and adult life in Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved to Houston in 2012. Ese is a bonus, foster/adoptive and IVF mom. Her journey to motherhood wasn’t traditional but it’s been a remarkable ride. She has a passion for people, and it is reflected in the different ways she’s involved in the community. As a Junior League of Houston member, she loves serving the community with other strong women. Her commitment to her faith serves as a foundation in all aspects of her life. She’s a proud Buckeye {OH-IO} and a lover of most sports. After spending a year in Mexico, Nigeria and Colombia, she and her family moved back to Houston in the Spring of 2019. Ese spent most of her professional career in the Manufacturing industry doing Export Compliance. She is known as one who has never met a stranger. She loves connecting with and bringing women together. She may not be a fan of the traffic in Houston, but she has fallen in love with the diverse people and the amazing food options the city offers. When she’s not working and running her small business, you can find her listening to books on audible, catching up on her favorite podcast, hosting brunch with new and old friends as well as connecting with her online girlfriends on Facebook.
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Houston’s Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

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Where to Celebrate Juneteenth in Houston

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How I Prioritize My Family’s Mental Health

As an older millennial, I didn’t grow up learning about what it means to care for my mental health. I saw my immigrant mother work incessantly to help provide for our family. Rest wasn’t...
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A Winding Road to Motherhood: My Infertility Story

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Old Dog, New Tricks: How I’m Continuing to Learn As I Age

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