Jenny Isaminger

Jenny’s family has deep Houston roots. Raised in Cypress, this Texas girl married a Louisiana boy. While they loved their time in the Baton Rouge area - they eventually moved back to Houston in 2008, first living in the Galleria area, then slowly working their way further and further West down I-10, eventually landing in Katy where they’ve been since 2015. She has a passion for bringing people together using the power of Social Media. Today you can find her making a fool of herself on Instagram and raising Ellie {2012} and Jack {2015} with her husband Grant. She loves all things comedy, pop culture, macaroni and cheese, and writing about what brings us all together. The only thing in life that she can guarantee is that as you are reading this, there is laundry in her dryer that she is avoiding.

Getting Back-to-School: Houston Area School Calendars for 2023-2024

It's time! While the Summer has been a blast, and we've enjoyed the time in the Houston heat, (insert sarcasm here) it's almost time to wrap up the summer and send the kiddos back...

Voting in Texas: All You Need to Know

It’s time to vote, Texas!  Here’s some fast facts about the 2022 Midterm Elections for the State of Texas: Early Voting ends: November 4 General Election Day: November 8  What’s on the Ballot: Click this link for a Sample Ballot, and...

To the Stay-At-Home-Mom of Littles

Hey, You - the Mom of Littles - The one who stays home and just drowns in baby and toddler and motherhood all the livelong day - I have to tell you something. Don’t worry, I am...
Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhouston

Friday Favorites: Tech Edition

I don’t really consider myself a “tech-head”, but I certainly spend my day using enough technology that I’ve had to curate an assortment of tools and gadgets to make my life easier. I’m the...
A group of people sitting in a circle having a discussion.

We Have to Keep Learning if We’re Going to Keep Arguing

We all have our opinions. We have our firm beliefs, our convictions, our passions, our unwavering positions that we’ve researched and will fight for. We have our views of the “others” and wonder how...
A family of four running through a sprinkler.

Surviving Summer When You’re a Bad Summer Mom

I try to get excited about summer, I really do. I get the vibe - I understand why it would be exciting. There are parts that I like. I like not having to wake...

Three Things I Learned in a Covid School Year

We went into this with so much trepidation. I had no idea what it would look like, if we would make it, how long it would last. Everything was different, nothing was comfortable, and...