Kirsten C

Kirsten C. was born and raised in Texas Hill Country. After becoming a hopelessly devoted Bobcat and earning a degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations at Texas State University, she was wooed by the never-ending culinary options and vibrant street art of Houston and became a transplant. By day she is a marketing enthusiast for a downtown engineering firm, and by night, an over-the-top {and unashamed} dog mom. She and her husband William are licensed foster parents—advocating for children and families—who hope to one day grow their family through adoption. You can follow their unruly journey on their blog, Cornell Chaos. When she’s not trying a new restaurant, playing behind the lens of a Cannon, piddling in the yard, or scouring markets for hidden gems, Kirsten is often found teaching student ministry through Kingsland Baptist Church or escaping at a local coffee spot.

13 Must-See Parks in Greater Houston

From an actual castle to having tea with the Mad Hatter, there are some pretty wild and over-the-top parks in the Houston area you should really put on your bucket list! I don’t know...

Houston Summer: Day Trips That Are Worth the Drive

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Foster Parenting Isolation: Life Behind Emoji Masks

It was summer when I really noticed it. The crushing sequestration of living our new normal seemingly in secret. That’s the crazy thing about our world being hopelessly infiltrated by technology. Did you know...
mom and child tidy home by cleaning up blocks

8 Mom Hacks for a Tidy Home

I have been accused of several things in my life. Some gracious—others not. But a consistent offender is being a little obnoxious when it comes to being tidy. I host a Friday night Bible...
woman with Santa hat smiling thoughtfully

Holidays and the Enneagram: How Each Type Celebrates the Season

Ah…the tangle of lights. Never-ending social engagements. The ever-growing list of people to buy for. Dragging 18 boxes of decorations down from the attic. Glitter—everywhere. The spirit of Christmas! Everyone handles the holiday season...

The Anti-Library: Embracing the Unread

No disrespect to Gary Chapman, but he left off the sixth love language: books. I’m not sure where exactly the addiction started. Perhaps it was spending hours with my electronic Mother Goose memorizing fairy tales,...
two women arguing

Toxic Friendship: 7 Signs You Need to Block Her from the Circle

I’ll admit it, I am a member of the Circle Club. One of the millions upon millions of viewers who fell into Netflix’s web of social anxiety and Michelle Buteau’s witty banter. If you’re late...
Uvalde memorial

Uvalde: Life in the Aftermath

There is no “putting it behind you,” really. For Uvalde, there is a line in the sands of time: life before this and life after. I had anxiety days before I even left to head...
girl leaping in front of ocean

Know Before You Go: Galveston Edition

              Oh, the beach days to be had in Galveston. The Boardwalk, the awesome food joints, and all the sunshine you could ever want! GLORIOUS! When the beach is about 50 miles away from the heart...
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How to Support Foster Families in Your Community

There are over 400,000 children and youth currently in foster care. Approximately 1,200 children enter the foster care system every day. The statistics can be absolutely staggering—heartbreaking. And don’t go watching Instant Family either. Called to Support...