Holidays and the Enneagram: How Each Type Celebrates the Season

woman with Santa hat smiling thoughtfullyAh…the tangle of lights. Never-ending social engagements. The ever-growing list of people to buy for. Dragging 18 boxes of decorations down from the attic. Glitter—everywhere. The spirit of Christmas! Everyone handles the holiday season a little differently and this year, we are blaming it on Enneagram!

Houston Moms spent an entire year doing a deep dive into our Enneagram Types. If you don’t know your type yet {or what this is all about} take a test and find out! But fair warning, it’s crazier than Wonderland out there and you can get lost in everything your E-type says about you.

For now, let’s look at each type’s take on the most “wonderful time of the year.”

Type 1
The classic perfectionist would be one of Santa’s most efficient elves. They make lists and check them twice—maybe three or four times. {Let’s be real, it’s a color-coded spreadsheet that most engineers would be envious of.} All of their packaging matches and their bows rival Macy’s. They will take charge of the family photo opp, and they may have a printed diagram for how to load the dishwasher—just roll with it.

Type 2
The caregivers spread Christmas cheer for all to hear. They probably have a different holiday shirt for every day in December, and their home looks like a Christmas shop. If you make too many comments about how much you love their handmade nativity, you’ll probably leave with it {even as a tear rolls down their cheek}. They will do all of the things and need all of January to recover.

Type 3
If you are friends or family with a 3, it can be fun during the holidays because gift-giving becomes an Olympic sport. They scour for the perfect gift for each person. But for the love, tell them how amazing it is, or their Christmas spirit will be crushed {and you may hear about it until Easter}. They are constantly striving for next-level experiences so buckle up, it may be a crazy sleigh ride.

Type 4
There is no better time for the imaginative, whimsical world of a 4 than during the holidays. There is no competing with them on the matching PJ game, and their Christmas card photo will likely trump yours every time. Even though their inner stress maker has been at top capacity since August, you’ll likely never know it. They spread a special kind of glitter wherever they go.

Type 5
Type 5s have limited energy levels {and patience} for social situations, so choose which events you want them to attend carefully. They have probably cataloged acceptable discussion topics, including the origin of holiday traditions and the history of eggnog. They will volunteer to empty the trash or wash the dishes at every party for the chance at a break, so don’t be afraid to accept their offer for help.

Type 6
The Loyalist—typically the backbone of many families. Bless them because they are holding us together, even if they are freaking out. They will make sure the tree is always unplugged and watch the fireplace until the last ember burns out. They will gleefully watch the children sled while they are riddled with anxiety. It’s fine, we’re all fine. Wait…next month there are fireworks??

Type 7
A must on every party list—a type 7. They never met a gift exchange they didn’t love and are often one of the most fashionable guests at the party, leading a game {even if one wasn’t planned}, and typically one of the last to leave. They are fueled by the magic of Christmas and will fill every empty spot in the calendar with baking cookies, singing carols, watching holiday movies in matching PJs, or hayrides to see neighborhood lights.

Type 8
Need someone to take over the Christmas pageant? An 8 is your gal. She’ll have every one of those sheep in line and might make the costumes, too. Eights are natural leaders and coordinators. Don’t be surprised when they skip the big gatherings—small talk isn’t their jam. But they are absolutely up for a cocktail hour with their close friends. Eights tend to be the definition of busy, so get on the calendar early.

Type 9
Nines thrive on low stress, so don’t expect over-the-top reactions from them. It may be Christmas Eve before they even finish wrapping their gifts {no judgment}. If family drama starts to creep in, they tend to retreat for meditation or avoid it altogether. However, 9s are the perfect remedy for slowing down and really enjoying the season. They remind us that it’s really about the quality of the people around us and the time we spend with them.

What is your Enneagram Type? Are our descriptions true for you?


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