Sarah High

Sarah High is a Texan through and through. Born in Waco and raised in Houston, she attended school at the University of Texas in Austin and now lives in Sugar Land with her husband, Jordan, and two children, Hudson {2012} and Lucy {2014}. After working in legal marketing and business development, she stayed home after the birth of her first child determined to be the perfect stay at home mom. Reality set in, expectations were lowered, and now her main goal is to get her children to school on time with clean teeth and hair. Sarah likes to work out, enjoys the arts and restaurants Houston offers, loves to read and dance, and is always on the lookout for the best patio or French 75 in town. A recovering perfectionist, she continually seeks more grace for herself and others.
preteen boy looks at phone

Why My Pre-Teen Has Consent Over His Social Media Presence

My child is now a pre-teen, and thus far his entire life has been documented on social media. We announced that I was pregnant, his gender, and his arrival on Facebook. I then posted...
family sits at restaurant table looking at flame behind them

Attention Foodies! It’s Time for Houston Restaurant Weeks

August in Houston is hot. It is also the end of the summer when I'm limping toward the end of my kids being home 24/7. Given the heat and my exhaustion, the last thing...
woman feeling pressure to post on social media stares at phone

The Pressure to Post: You Don’t Always Have to Take a Stand

You don’t need me to tell you the past two and a half years have been a doozy. Pandemic, political division, parental burnout – we’ve experienced it all. On top of all the many...
Nordstrom Sale feature

Your 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips & Picks

July brings Independence Day cookouts, lazy days by the pool, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Whether or not you are a big shopper, there are opportunities to buy the clothes, home goods, shoes, and...
woman eating salad

National Nutrition Month: Nourishing Myself with Grace

March is national nutrition month. For me, the word “nutrition” puts me on high alert. It shouldn’t. Nutrition means “to nourish” which sounds lovely, but food and I have a complicated relationship. A Complicated Relationship I’m...
aerial picture of a suburb

Never Say Never: Tales of a Converted Suburbanite

We all have a list of “nevers.” I will never let my baby eat processed food. I will never let my kids have an iPad. I will never drive a minivan. I will never...
Colorful Christmas lights lining the trees along a street.

Houston’s Best Christmas Lights :: Neighborhood Edition

Sometimes I can be the fun mom. Not often. But if you ask my kids what I have done that is fun they will tell you about the time one December we put them...
A photograph of a family of four pose for a family photo.

5 Tips for Styling Family Photos

Family photos are like exercise to me. In the end, I’m glad I did it, but I don’t always enjoy the process. Our twenty-minute mini-sessions usually involve cranky kids, a spouse who isn’t all...

Taking Off My Apple Watch: Creating Boundaries with Technology

I sighed as my Apple watch vibrated, alerting me to a string of texts I hadn’t yet paid attention to. I was working and needed to finalize something rather quickly, but I was distracted...

Friday Favorites: Work Edition

In mid-May of this year I decided I wanted to go back to work full-time after over eight years at home with my children. At the beginning of August I started new job where...