Sara M

Sara has lived her whole life in the Katy/Houston area. She graduated from U of H {Go Coogs!} with a BS in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies and is currently attending UHV for graduate studies. Sara has been married to her best friend, Patrick, since 2014 and together they are raising 3 super-spunky, strong-willed kids:: Camryn {2007}, Caleb {2009}, and Casey {2012}. In her free time, you can find her soaking up the sun, exploring the city, getting a new tattoo, or sweating it out at the gym! Fun Fact :: Sara sings. A lot. And she finds dancing irresistible. In other words, she is the best driving buddy ever.

International Day of Friendship: Celebrating Across Cultures, Countries, and Communities

Today is the International Day of Friendship. But before we go into all of that, do something for me. Take just a minute to scroll through your social media feed or flip through channels...
Reflections of a First Year Teacher

Reflections of a First Year Teacher:: The Things I Didn’t Know

Have you ever reflected on the things you wanted to be when you grew up and thought, “well that didn’t go as planned!” I wanted to be a veterinarian, a neuroscientist, an anesthesiologist, a...

How Netflix is Strengthening Our Mother Daughter Bond

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m just a mom who is trying to balance life {life “balance” is a myth, by the way, but that’s a whole different blog post}. I’m trying to maintain a healthy...

Friday Favorites :: Sunday Funday Edition

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Favorites! This may be breaking the rules a bit, but when I started tossing ideas around with my husband on things that were making me...

The Tree is Gone, Press On:: Embracing Possibility in 2021

I know I’m late. I know it's now February. We finally took our Christmas tree down and, I have to say, I’m sad about it.  Amidst all of the gloom and doom of 2020 so...

Thanksgiving Will Be Good This Year

Thanksgiving will be good this year. I will make sure of it. There is an extraordinary amount of thought that goes into our holiday planning. Mostly, it’s just trying to remember whose turn it is...

Counting Down to Christmas:: Advent Calendars for the Whole Family

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we at Houston Moms Blog are here for it. Seriously though, 2020 can throw all the curveballs it wants to, but nothing is going to...

Family Friendly Halloween Movie and Snack Combos

It has been a crazy year, to say the least, but I am determined to make the very best of the spooky season with my kids. After all, it’s our favorite time of year!...

I Went Back to School While Working {and Parenting} Full Time

2020 has meant a lot of different things to people, but I will always remember it as the culmination of years of baby steps, the year that I realized my goal of graduating college. I’ve...

Covid Made Me Do It :: Ditching Foggy Glasses for LASIK

We’ve seen the memes. “Post your most outrageous pandemic purchase in the comments!”. I, being a woman of sound mind and restraint, had nothing to post {new tattoos and home gyms don’t count, right?}...