Whitney Peper

Whitney P. was raised in the Houston area, the third oldest of six children. After high school she attended and graduated from Texas A&M earning a degree in Communications and Political Science where she met her husband Tim. After college, Whitney worked as the Communications Director for a private school in Austin before returning to Houston in 2008 to work as a corporate fundraiser for non-profits before her the call into ordained ministry. Whitney resides in Katy and is an Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s UMC overseeing Care and Special Needs ministries. Whitney and Tim adopted their first child Jase {March 2013} in 2013, and he is living his best dinosaur loving life. Besides her work and family, Whitney’s greatest passions are reading, discussing and celebrating anything related to Harry Potter, traveling near and far, and training for half-marathons. Whitney has a personal blogOur Color Filled Life.

Giving the Gift of Experiences: 4 Ideas Your Kids Will Love More than Toys

I do not hate toys, and I have no problem buying presents. But I have a problem buying something just for the sake of buying something. What if instead of just stuff to clutter...
woman and her husband stand by river

Dear 21 Year Old Me, Twenty Years Later

Dear 21 Year Old Me, Today you are turning 41. Before your poor little, fun-loving college student heart starts to panic at that age being broadcast to the world, trust me when I tell you,...

How to Support Families Impacted By Childhood Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. This is the month that is set aside to honor children fighting or who have survived childhood cancer, and to remember the children who have lost their battle....
woman cringes at food on counter

Navigating the Realities of Adult Onset Food Allergies

From peanuts to dairy and gluten to more, food allergies are a very real and life-threatening medical condition for a large percentage of the population. And it's not just kids. There are many people...
birthday party favors and balloons

It’s Time To Stop the Birthday Party Favors

Planning a child’s birthday party can be a joyful experience. Especially the milestone birthdays such as the first birthday, hitting double digits, first official teenage party, and the  much anticipated sweet sixteen. Birthdays are...
family planning a vacation is all smiles around the table

6 Tips for Planning a Family Vacation

The summer season comes with a lot of extras for kids and families. Sleeping in, more downtime, camps, and family vacations. As children, we rarely understood the efforts our parents made when planning the...
woman sits on bed in front of negative pregnancy test

Blessings in Infertility: Hope, Healing, and Strength

Infertility is a word that brings fear and heartache to women struggling to start a family. It can mean endless doctors appointments, tests, and medicines. It is a word that is heartbreaking and overwhelming....

Growing Up and Letting Go: A Pep Talk for A Mama’s Heart

We love to celebrate our children's lives. As parents, we get to see their wonder and joy as they marvel at what is happening around them. As moms, the beautiful thing about early childhood...

Your Fears Don’t Have to be Your Child’s Fears

We all want our children to inherit certain traits from us, such as our looks and personality. But have we ever considered how our fears also carry over to our children? There is nothing inherently...

2022: The Year We Stop Making Resolutions And Start Enjoying Life

After the last year, countless weary and emotionally spent people cheered extra loudly as that ball dropped and 2022 began. Together with the celebrations, the parties, and excitement, inevitably resolutions are also made {insert...