2022: The Year We Stop Making Resolutions And Start Enjoying Life

After the last year, countless weary and emotionally spent people cheered extra loudly as that ball dropped and 2022 began. Together with the celebrations, the parties, and excitement, inevitably resolutions are also made {insert dramatic dun dun duuuun sound effect here}.

Here is the thing about New Year’s resolutions, they are rarely kept. According to Discover Happy Habits, after 1 week, only 75% of people who made resolutions are keeping them. At 2 weeks, that number drops to 71%. After 1 month, it drops to 64%, and by 6 months, less than 46% of people are keeping their resolutions.

list of New Years Resolutions on top of a January calendar

The reasons people do not keep resolutions vary, but the overwhelming reason is people place unrealistic expectations on themselves. Whether it is losing too much weight, too much exercise, unattainable saving goals, or trying to stop or start something without support or preparations, whatever the reason, resolutions statistically fail. When failure occurs, we are hard on ourselves, refuse to give ourselves grace, and stop trying. So why do we continue think we need to set them each new year?

This year, after two hard and overwhelming years, the last thing anyone needs are resolutions that have no intention of being kept. What we need is a year centered on our self-care, our happiness, and enjoying what we love.

Spend Time with Those You Love

If these last two years have taught the world anything, it is the importance of cherishing time with those we love. Maybe those people are family or friends, but whoever they are, fill this year with moments surrounded by them. The moments that fill your heart and soul. The moments you belly laugh and smile the widest smile possible. The moments that hold you until the next moments. If it is a lunch with friends or dinner with family, plan it. If it means you need a girls’ trip, book the Airbnb. If it is a plethora of date nights with your special person, make it happen.

This is what we need this year. Moments filled with happiness and love. Moments that do not leave us drained, but instead leave us feeling loved, valued, and supported. So, whoever it is that fills your cup, fill this year with those people.

group of adults in living room smiling

Focus on Self-Care

As moms, self care is one of those mythical things like a full nights sleep or a dinner where no one touches our food. But it is something each of us needs to make a priority. Taking time for ourselves is not about taking something from our children or family, but ensuring we are the best we can be.

Self-care is not about being extravagant or breaking the bank. It is about doing something that recharges your mind and soul. An easy idea is taking time to have a lunch or dinner alone. Get a massage occasionally, enjoy a pedicure once a month, buy the coffee maker that makes that fancy coffee you love. Nap regularly, take yourself on a date, do something you loved as a child, forgive yourself, or embrace who you are and celebrate that awesome person.

You know that recharges you, so this year make sure you do it not once, but regularly. It is ok to put yourself first and this is the perfect time to start doing that.

Do More of What You Enjoy

Each of us have that one thing that brings us joy. Not happiness, but pure and complete joy. The kind of joy we all got as children when the swing got super high and we jumped off watching the ground get closer, seemingly in slow motion, and we smiled and laughed filled with joy. That is the kind of joy we need to fill this year with.

boy leaping off swingThis is not about doing a certain number of things, a certain number of times, but finding joy in the thing or things, you love most. If you enjoy reading, read as much as you want and create that book nook. If you enjoy running, buy the good shoes and run. If painting or writing or gardening bring you joy, do them.

Do not question why the activity makes you happy, and do not try to justify it to anyone who does not understand. Just do it.

Take The Trip

One thing I learned this year, this year full so much that was hard, was to stop procrastinating and take the trip. You know the trip. The one you say you cannot go on because you have kids. The trip that is disregarded because it is too expensive. The one Pinterest boards are devoted to. That trip. TAKE IT!

Because it is not wrong to do something that you have always dreamed of doing. Maybe it is a cruise to THE place. An escape to the mountains or the beach to get away and into nature. Perhaps it is visiting that one country that is always at the top of the bucket list. An epic family adventure that everyone will remember for years. Or maybe it is going to the theme park, without your kids, that allows you to experience your favorite book series in a whole new way!

the author at Harry Potter World, holding a wand and wearing mouse earsWherever the dream takes you, make it happen. It is not selfish or irresponsible, it is living into what we always tell others- enjoy your life.

Learn That One Thing

Everyone has that one thing they have always wanted to try or learn. Painting, writing, pottery, cooking, or baking. It is the thing that drive you to watch the Great British Baking Show at 1:00 am and think, “I can bake that.”

But you will never know unless you try. So, this year try that thing you have always wanted to. Maybe this sounds like a resolution, but here is the thing, do not do it unless it brings you joy!

This Is the Year

This is the year ladies! Where we stop hesitating and do the things we want. It is the year we stop putting off dreams and we fully live into the motto:
Life is short.
Take the trip.
Buy the shoes.
Eat the cake.


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Whitney Peper
Whitney P. was raised in the Houston area, the third oldest of six children. After high school she attended and graduated from Texas A&M earning a degree in Communications and Political Science where she met her husband Tim. After college, Whitney worked as the Communications Director for a private school in Austin before returning to Houston in 2008 to work as a corporate fundraiser for non-profits before her the call into ordained ministry. Whitney resides in Katy and is an Associate Pastor at St. Peter’s UMC overseeing Care and Special Needs ministries. Whitney and Tim adopted their first child Jase {March 2013} in 2013, and he is living his best dinosaur loving life. Besides her work and family, Whitney’s greatest passions are reading, discussing and celebrating anything related to Harry Potter, traveling near and far, and training for half-marathons. Whitney has a personal blogOur Color Filled Life.


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