Life is a Gift: An Unexpected Love Letter to 2021

A sad woman looks down while sitting on bench.There she was, sitting in the doctor’s office {the fifth one that month} and he tells her, “you have one or two years left to live”. Unable to fully process the information shared right there with her, blank stares and nodding along and acting like everything he said was making sense. Spoiler alert—it was definitely not making sense. She left that appointment and the world started spinning. She is a wife. She is a mom. She is a friend, a daughter, and an advocate for others. This was going to be her year—I mean come on, she even made a vision board about it! But, alas, The Universe had other plans. As she looks back at the year that could have shattered her, she has nothing but love and gratitude for the life she is living. In fact, she has so much love for this past year, that she decided to write it a love letter.

My Dearest 2021,Neon sign with the text: Thank You.

In a time where so many were quick to judge and throw out hurtful jokes, I want to say that I saw you, 2021. I saw how quick people treated you unfairly. I saw how until the very last day you were given, the jokes were shared at your expense. I saw how people compared you to your previous year {which I will admit was also a great year}. I saw how people blamed you for their hardships and how instead of looking deeper into themselves, they looked to you. I saw how every trial and obstacle became a theme of your 365 days. I want to say that I saw you, even when so many other didn’t.

I want to thank you, 2021. I have so much to thank you for. In fact, this may have been the best year yet. I’ll admit, it’s been quite an eventful one and you REALLY did not follow the directions I laid out for you on my vision board, you know—this terminal illness was thing was NOT a part of the magazine cutouts. And, while we are at it, this has been the scariest year to date, and I was thrown much more than I was wanting to accept. But persistent as you are, you did not give up on me and so I did not give up on you.

Thank you, 2021, for teaching me how to be the most genuine version of myself I have ever been. Thank you for showing me an entirely new perspective on life, for pushing me to dive deeper into myself in hopes of finding the utmost joy. Thank you for allowing me to become a better wife, mom, daughter, and friend. Thank you for the sunshine, the kindness from strangers, the learning, and the grass beneath my feet. Thank you for working out in exactly the way you were meant to. Thank you for showing me that joyful moments don’t have to be easy. Thank you for all 365 days.

Sincerely, your biggest fan.

A woman facing away from the camera with her arms outstretched in celebration.She often wonders how other can be so cynical; don’t they know what a gift this life is? But then she remembers that beauty is, in fact, in the eye of the beholder. She remembers that not everyone will see the light through the darkness and not everyone will give you a hand to hold when you’re falling. But she knows that after someone’s light has been dimmed, it often shines brighter than ever before. She knows that those who choose joy will receive joy, even though it might be difficult some days. And, she knows that life is the gift she is given today, and to that she raises her glass and cheers you to a new and joyful year.


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Life is a Gift: An unexpected love letter to 2021. Logo: Houston moms. A photograph of a woman facing away from the camera with her arms outstretched in celebration.

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Becca Vidrine
Becca is a small-town {and likely barefoot} Louisiana girl who’s journey to Texas was unexpected to say the least. After getting her Masters in Social Work from LSU, she spent a few years working in mental health before she found her true social work love in hospice care. Not long after getting hitched to the best guy she knows, Becca and her husband welcomed their full of life red headed son {2018} and they now refer to themselves as “the big 3”! Fast forward to early 2021 when Becca was diagnosed with something that changed their lives forever and so, they picked up and headed west. What was supposed to be a short time in Houston for these small-town folks turned into a big city romance, a mortgage, some unexpected friendships, and a few opportunities to grow. Some might say Becca tends to err on the side of sarcasm and stubbornness. But those same people would also say that Becca is brave and compassionate. She’s a straight shooter, a little bit crunchy, and a lover of all things love. When she’s not building forts or playing pretend, you can find Becca roaming the isles at the grocery store, cooking for hours, or snuggled up with a good book. Follow her journey on Instagram at @thisblissfulpursuit.


  1. Oh what an absolute joy Of a read. The Big 3 are such a grand family. Take care Becca,Coty,and little Rob. Love y’all.


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