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I’m not entirely sure how it all started, but my son is officially OBSESSED with losing his teeth.  {I kid you not, he comes up to me at least once a week proclaiming that his tooth has fallen out and usually follows it up with an elaborate story of exactly how it happened and where his tooth is now.}  Maybe it’s the fact that his cousin got a tooth pulled right before his very eyes last time we were visiting, or maybe it’s because he recently visited the dentist for the first time, or maybe it’s just because he is a 3 1/2 year old boy and into all things weird and gross.  I don’t know…but I do know that I need to start preparing myself for when that fateful first tooth really does fall out.  And thankfully, our sponsors at BLVD Dentistry are a step ahead of me and already sharing tips and tricks for making it fun too!

What To Expect

Remember that handy printable teething chart we shared a few months back?  Well, you will probably want to hang on to it well after that last baby tooth emerges because the rule of thumb for teeth is – the first ones in are the first ones out!  This means that around age 5 or 6, your kiddo will probably lose their lower middle teeth first and then the top middle teeth will be next.  But just like we said with teething, be prepared to expect the unexpected!  Your kiddo may lose a tooth as early as 4 or as late as 7, but if it gets much past that – you may want to consult your dentist to rule out any underlying issues.  {My family has a history of dental health complications, so Dr. Ramsey is already being incredibly proactive and attentive with my children’s teeth.  Love that about him!}

Losing teeth happens pretty naturally and should require minimal intervention for the most part.  Just encourage your child to gently wiggle their tooth once it becomes loose, and be sure to keep an eye on the progress.  If for some reason it doesn’t fall out on its own and you start to get concerned, call your dentist.  Teeth really don’t need the old string-tied-to-the-doorknob trick, and in fact, pulling teeth before they are fully ready can lead to infection.

The good news is – by the time your kid reaches about 13, all of the emerging and then loosing teeth drama will be over.  But chances are, it will be replaced with a whole new set of teenage angst instead!

How to Make Things Fun

Being the Tooth Fairy - FeaturedLike with everything else in motherhood, losing teeth is what you make of it!  And if you’re anything like me, you are SOOO excited to morph into the Tooth Fairy when that special time comes.  Of course, I’ve already been quizzing the staff at BLVD Dentistry and exploring Pinterest for ways to make it so very special, and here’s a list of fun and creative ideas I’ve got in mind…

  • Of course, the tooth fairy is well known for leaving money behind in exchange for the tooth – but why not make it a little fun?  Stock up on glitter spray, get a few new crisp dollar bills from the bank, and then spray them down and put them away for when that magic time comes.  {And yes, I said DOLLAR bills.  Can we all just agree to only give $1 for each tooth that is lost?  I’ve heard rumors of tooth fairies leaving behind $10’s and $20’s, but goodness – this tooth fairy would go broke!}
  • If you dare, grab a few bottles of loose glitter while you’re at the craft store too.  That way you can leave a fairy trail from your child’s bed to the door as a fun prize for them to discover when they wake up!
  • There are plenty of printable tooth fairy notes online that you can browse through and print out if you choose, but my favorites are the teeny tiny hand written notes instead.  I love that these can be customized and personalized, and if your child is inquisitive like mine – it will help divert from questions about how a little bitty fairy can hold a great big pen too!
  • If fairy-sized notes aren’t your thing, there are some creative printable certificates floating around online as well.  These would be especially great to leave for that very first {or even very last} tooth!
  • If you’re crafty – or just an avid Etsy shopper, like me – then there are some really fun little pillows and other tooth keepers that you can put those sweet little teeth in before your child drifts off to sleep.  My son tosses and turns all. night. long., so I’m slightly nervous about just sticking the tooth under the pillow with the Hot Wheels and Legos that inevitably end up there too.  Thankfully, these pillows are relatively inexpensive, and I plan on buying one soon and keeping it stashed away and ready for when the time comes.
  • Another fun keepsake that you can create is a picture of your little one with the tooth fairy.  How do you do that?  Just snap a quick picture of your little one after they fall asleep, hop on the computer real quick, and use editing software to add a little tooth fairy figure into the picture as well.  Or…use this online program to make it instead!

While there are millions of ideas and suggestions out there for making this experience one of a kind, promise me one thing – you will NOT let it stress you out.  Seriously!  As moms, we have a tendency to go over board or feel the need to do it all, but you know what…your child will be so wrapped up in the excitement of losing their tooth, that the little details will become just that.  Details.  Your pride and joy for the situation will shine brighter than anything and be MORE than enough.  Trust me.

As those permanent teeth start to come in, dental health is more important than ever!  We are so grateful to have BLVD Dentistry sponsoring this series and keeping our teeth {both old and new} in tip top shape.  If you’re searching for a dentist fit for the whole family, we strongly encourage you to give them a call – and a visit – soon!

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Please Note :: This entire Houston Smiles series is graciously title sponsored by BLVD Dentistry; however, all thoughts and opinions are proudly our own.

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