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We are excited to be partnering with My Kid's Dentist to bring you this sponsored post. As you think about back to school health and wellness, don't forget how important dental health is too!

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks before school is back in session are filled with school supply shopping, last minute bucket list items, and of course, all manner of doctor appointments I’ve procrastinated on all summer. There’s school physicals, vision exams, well check ups, and yes, visits to the pediatric dentist. Now, I don’t particularly love any sort of medical appointment, but I do realize the importance they play in our kids’ lives. And my goal is always to make them as painless and stress-free as possible for all parties involved, amiright? Thankfully, so do our friends Dr. Kwak and Dr. Barnes over at My Kid’s Dentist!

If you’re unfamiliar, My Kid’s Dentist is your neighborhood pediatric dentist, conveniently located off the Katy Freeway and designed to provide your child with the very best dentistry available in a safe, warm, and fun environment. Using state-of-the-art modern dental equipment partnered with a cheery environment with smaller chairs, toys, and video games, both mom AND kiddo will love their regular visit. And REGULAR visits are key to both preventing anxiety and heading off future issues. They’ve been gracious enough to provide their tips ‘n tricks for getting those pearly whites back to school ready!

1} Start your Morning Right

So I am totally guilty of letting regular tooth brushing fall a little bit by the wayside during the summer months. With late nights and lazy mornings, we can easily get out of the groove of our regularly scheduled dental hygiene. So, NOW is the time to start getting back in the habit. For our family, it works best to leave toothbrushes both upstairs and down because half of the time my kids are down, they do not want to go back up! Immediately after we finish breakfast, there is zero screen time or TV watching until teeth are brushed and clothes are on. This eliminates the meltdowns that inevitably occur when I have to drag them away from an activity to get it done. I don’t lose my mind, and their teeth get brushed. Win, win.

2} Make the Call

If you haven’t already scheduled your exam, it’s not too late! The dentists at My Kid’s Dentist recommend a regular cleaning and exam every six months. Schedule one now and then forward schedule for the spring. Everyone is starting fresh with new planners and calendars, so why not get that dentist appointment the first in the books? 

3} Model the Behavior

Like anything else, my kids look to me to set an example. And as mentioned above, my “get ready routine” looks drastically different in the summer versus the school year. {I mean, the pool is basically a shower, right?} But if I’m making it an expectation for my kiddos to brush first thing in the morning, then they need to see that from me as well. Especially on school mornings, I always like to make it a family event of our teeth brushing. We all parade into mommy’s bathroom and get our teeth sparkly clean together. And then my kids get a kick out of seeing me swirl mouthwash and what not. So whether or not I drop them off at school in my slippers and pj’s {guilty!}, they at least know momma has brushed for the day!

4} Start Limiting Sweets

So again, I can absolutely say summer is when I let our healthy habits slide a bit. I have a tendency to be more of a “yes mom” and splurge on that cold, sweet treat or an extra soda at lunch. But I also know the ramifications that come from all of that sugar, especially during the school year. So back to school is the time to start limiting the juices and special treats. Namely, I know my children will be able to focus better and not crash and burn from a sugar high PLUS it is just so much better for their little teeth. An ounce of prevention today means less costly measures in the future. And better behavior is just a side benefit of that.

5} Nighttime Wind Down

As we prepare for sending our littles back to school, night time routines become vital, both for our sanity and our children’s well being. Much like our morning, we have a pretty strict system at night whereby brushing and flossing are just expected. Again, we try to make it as fun as possible by incorporating the entire family, and night is when we break out the floss! {My Kid’s Dentist recommends at least twice daily brushing and once daily flossing.} We love little disposable flossers which make it super easy for little hands to use with guidance from the parents. It’s key to get out the daily “yuck” from their teeth … and who doesn’t want to go to bed with a fresh mouth?

:: Bonus Tip ::

As you are buying all the back to school gear, why not incorporate teeth into the mix? Consider letting your child pick out a brand new toothbrush, their choice of toothpaste {have you seen all of the amazing kid toothpastes these days?!?}, flossies, the works. That way they have ownership of it AND it is right in line with all the newness that a school year brings. 

Because My Kid’s Dentist – Houston feels so passionately about your child’s oral health, they have generously provided this age-guided chart for you! Please feel free to print it out and tape it to your fridge and planner. And once you do that, go make that appointment for your back-to-school exam. Your child and your wallet will thank you for years to come!

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