5 Impressive Facts About Best Buy’s New In-Home Advisor Program

We are excited to be partnering with Best Buy to bring you this sponsored post. If you're considering adding new tech or appliances to your home, then be sure to read this info first...

Y’all. I’m not going to even lie. I’m about the least tech-savvy person out there. It took me YEARS to muster the courage to buy a smart phone. Last month, I discovered how to open the sunroof in my car, which I’ve only owned for approximately 3 years. Face palm. And let’s not even talk about how we got a new television for our bedroom about a year ago. Still no idea how to turn it on, so I make my 7 year old son do it for me. Now, I know that not every mom is anti-tech like me, or at least quite to that extreme, so I don’t want to perpetuate that stereotype. But at some point, I really should figure all of this “stuff” out. Which is why I was THRILLED to find out about Best Buy’s In-Home Advisor Program. This is a total game changer for me, and I know so many moms could benefit as well. Here are five impressive facts about this exciting new program…

1} Convenience

This is numero uno for me. Because I don’t have a death wish, I do not love to drag my children up to stores when it could turn into a lengthy process. I can hardly concentrate on anything being said because I’m too nervous I’ll have to walk out with a shattered computer that I had no intention of buying that day. Best Buy’s advisors come straight to your house. Say what?!? That’s right. All I have to do is set an appointment, and they come out … FOR FREE. So not only can I schedule it around what works for my timing, it’s all in the comfort of my own home. Winning.

2} Expertise

These people are smart, y’all. Each advisor has been highly trained on everything that Best Buy sells, and based upon your vision and your home capability, they can make the best recommendations for your family. From simple tasks like increasing WiFi accessibility throughout the house to the more complex like home theater installations, they are the experts. For example sake, here are just a few things they handle – appliances {from just a single one to a full kitchen}, home entertainment systems, and “smart homes.” Lord knows I need that smart home function around here.

3} One Point of Contact

Nothing is more frustrating to me than dealing with multiple people on one job and having to go back and constantly explain what I want to happen. Your In-Home Advisor is literally with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the installation of the system. Have a question? Just call them. They are the intermediaries to handle it all; your home personal shopper if you will. Sounds dreamy!

4} Well-Oiled Machine

Best Buy has the In-Home Advisor Program down to a science. What you can expect ::

  • Simply fill out a form to request an appointment. They will then contact you to set up your personal consultation time.
  • The In Home Advisor visits your house, takes measurements, understands your vision, concerns, and answers questions you may have.
  • They then go back and write up a detailed and customized plan based upon your discussion with their specific recommendations.
  • Lastly, once the plan has been agreed upon, they handle working with the Geek Squad to order your products and even be on hand for installation to insure your vision is fulfilled.

5} It’s FREE!

Really, need I say more about this one? That’s right, mamas. This service is absolutely of no-charge to you, from the initial contact to coordinating the end installation. Seriously. I love that there is no sales pressure with absolutely no obligation to buy. As I mentioned, I am definitely not the most techie person out there, so to be able to get a total expert to come to MY house for FREE. Well, count me in.

After running the In-Home Advisor program in several different test markets over the last couple of years, we are thrilled that they have finally rolled out in Houston! Whether you need advice on getting a new fridge for your space {because seriously, that’s a BIG decision in my house!} or installing that home theater as an early Christmas present to yourself, hands down, this is the way to go. Check out their website more information and give our local Advisor a shout!

Best Buy In-Home Advisor – Tetiana Alonso

Email :: [email protected]
Phone :: 346.254.0103

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