Best Practices to Keep Kids Healthy During the Winter Months

We are proud to partner with Next Level Urgent Care to help parents keep their kids healthy and thriving this winter.

As we make our way through the winter months, parents are doing their best to keep their kids healthy. Good nutrition, preventative healthcare, and timely attention to illness and emergencies are all important aspects of raising children who thrive all year round. Next Level Urgent Care works side by side with parents to achieve these goals.

After Hours Pediatric Care

child in bed with thermometer in mouthWhen it comes to illnesses and minor emergencies, kids don’t follow normal Monday through Friday business hours. In fact, these things rarely happen during times that are convenient or simple for parents. Late afternoon fevers, Saturday morning sports injuries, and Sunday afternoon cuts requiring stitches don’t exactly afford families the luxury of waiting. Parents need somewhere to take their kids immediately. While many parents have a designated pediatrician, after hours and weekend care can be costly, time-consuming, and a gamble when it comes to quality of service.

All locations of Next Level Urgent Care are open 7 days a week from 9am – 9pm. Their highly-trained clinicians are equipped to handle a variety of pediatric needs, including broken bones, stitches, x-rays, illnesses, rashes, and much more! Game changer! No more wasting valuable time on the phone speaking to an answering service for the pediatrician, and no more waiting hours and hours to be seen at an emergency room.

Good Nutrition

child sits in high chair eating strawberriesAll parents know that good nutrition plays a huge role in keeping kids healthy. Kids should be eating a well-balanced diet at every meal. But in reality, it’s really difficult to feed kids. Kids get bored with the same meals over and over, especially for breakfast. It’s easy and tempting to turn to sugary cereals, donuts, and other convenience foods that offer no nutritional value. Many kids balk at the idea of eating breakfast at all, and it’s hard to convince them that it’s the most important meal of the day.

Next Level Urgent Care has some fresh Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids sure to entice even the pickiest breakfast eaters.

Boost the Immune System

child takes vitamin from a dropperWhile not all illnesses are preventable, kids have a better chance of not getting sick with whatever is spreading through their schools this winter if their immune system is in the best possible shape. Beyond healthy eating, good quality sleep, and exercise, there are things parents can do and give their kids to ensure the best possible defense against illness.

Next Level Urgent Care has compiled a great resource of tips for parents on Immune System Boosters for Kids, which include recommendations for supplements, beverages, and best practices.

The winter months can be daunting and sometimes it feels impossible to keep kids healthy during this time. But parents should be encouraged that there are ways to both prevent and treat illnesses during this time.


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