Best Spots in Houston for a Ladies Night Out

Are you overdue for a ladies night out in Houston? Read on for some fabulous suggestions of spots you and your friends may not have considered before!

3 women take selfie Every woman needs a night out to let loose. The monotony of daily life wears on you, and when you get to a place where you can’t bear any more last-minute surprises at work, school projects, family drama, or stand to hear anyone ask, “what’s for dinner”, you know it’s time.

All the responsibilities of adulthood are overwhelming and have a way of making us forget about ourselves, how life once was, and how being carefree really feels. I know I’m not alone when I say and feel guilty for sometimes missing those days.

When there are so many things that seem to need our time and attention, it’s common for us women and mothers to continuously put ourselves at the bottom of the list. We wait until we are about to snap to do something nice for ourselves, and that needs to change for good. You may think you are filling your cup with the regular manicure, facial or massage, but self care isn’t just about pampering and relaxation – it’s about having fun and being playful too!

Dr. Stuart Brown is a psychiatrist, clinical researcher, the founder of The National Institute of Play, and the author of Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. Brown explains that play is at the core of creativity and is also essential to our health.  He even says that the opposite of play isn’t work – it’s depression.  When I think back to the times in my life when I was feeling the most stressed, I didn’t have anything truly fun, creative, or passion-driven going on outside of work and my daily to-do lists.

I have always cherished my friendships, and as life and schedules have become more complex, it takes a conscious effort to make quality time together a priority.  There is nothing quite like a few close girlfriends who just get it, and get you. I have to say though, while I love friendly chatter over a nice glass of Pinot Noir, for the most part I’m over the traditional girl’s night out where we post up at a wine bar, and rehash everything we are going through in our lives in order to “catch up” until we can get together again in another six weeks {or longer}. 

I want more.  If I’m going to organize childcare, coordinate schedules, and pick out an outfit – I want to do something truly fun and memorable! I want to be with my girlfriends out in the world like we were before our careers, kids, and family took center stage {sans the next day hangover}.  While I had to include one top notch wine bar for good measure, I think it’s always good to remember we can totally have fun without alcohol.

No need to wait until you are on the verge of losing it. Plan ahead and get some fun things on the calendar now. Having something fun to look forward to can also help ease daily stress. Here are some fun ideas for your next girl’s night out that will have you exploring Houston and making memories with your best ladies.

Immersive Experiential Art 

experiential art filled with purple orbsIt’s one thing to go to an art museum, it’s another to be immersed by the art itself.  Over the last couple years a few immersive art experiences have made their way to Houston.  Color Factory, Seismique, and now The Van Gogh Exhibit, and all of them have a lot to offer.  Immersive art has a way of helping you turn off the outside world, get out of your head and into the present moment.  You feel like you just walked into a vivid dream as your senses are delighted by colors, shapes and textures, and your nervous system relaxes. This is one of those things that you might first think about taking your kids too, but it’s safe to say that the little ones probably can’t appreciate it the way we hope they will.  Grab your bestie, enjoy some ASMR, and get silly!

Rooftop Cinema Club

The movies just got an upgrade! If you haven’t seen a movie at Rooftop Cinema Club, you definitely want to make it happen. This is truly an experience to remember.  With comfortable deck seating, city views, personal headphones, and awesome food and drink options – there’s nothing they haven’t thought of. Come early to enjoy golden hour, the sunset, dusk, and watch as the stars come out. They have a healthy mix of new releases and classics such as Selena, Dirty Dancing, and even Clueless – perfect for any ladies night in Houston.

13 Celsius Wine Bar

Modeled after the wine bars in Europe and housed in a 1920’s Mediterranean style building, 13 Celsius is one of a kind. Comfortable yet chic, it really feels like a meeting of both old and new worlds.  Their menu offers plenty of fantastic wine from around the world paired with dynamic charcuterie boards, paninis, and decadent dessert. This gem will have you thoroughly enjoying everything they have to offer from ambiance to aperitif.

Wild Heights CBD Coffee Bar & Lounge 

Cheers to catching the vibe with your girls at Wild Coffee Bar & Lounge. This unique full-service coffee shop, bar, and lounge welcomes you with its vibrant and tropical atmosphere to help you relax while learning about the benefits of hemp-based products. You can enjoy traditional pour-overs, seasonal coffees, cold brews, or specialty hemp-infused lattes. At the bar, you’ll find an exotic “free-spirited” {non-alcoholic} cocktail menu. There are so many incredible ways to get wild, but these won’t leave you with a headache the next day. 

Republic Aerial Yoga 

women hanging upside down doing aerial yoga Named Houston’s premiere aerial yoga studio, Republic Aerial offers a boutique-style fitness experience. You’ll no doubt have a blast trying something new with your friends while reaping all the health benefits. Aerial yoga helps release tension, improves breath awareness, increases core strength, and releases endorphins. Join one of their community outdoor classes, or book a private session or party.  

Houston Theater

Dinner and a show never goes out of style.  You might be thinking it sounds like more of a date night with your special someone, but who says we can’t have these experiences with our girlfriends too? Houston Theater offers every kind of entertainment you could imagine; from musicals and plays, to comedy, ballet, and opera. You can see a classic show like Wicked, or the musical adaption and latest Broadway smash-hit Mean Girls. Houston is also a major hub for concerts with upcoming 2022 performances from Todrick Hall, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, Alicia Keys, The Backstreet Boys and much more.

What are some of the non-traditional places in Houston you’ve visited on a ladies night out? 

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