Husband Appreciation Day: 9 Ways to Celebrate Him

The third Saturday of this month, April 16, 2022, is National Husband Appreciation Day! If your reaction to this is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking–hmm, is this day even actually a thing? And yes, it actually, truly is! And honestly? I’m here for it!

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My husband and I recently celebrated a decade of marriage together {photo by Sharon Nicole Photography}, and when I reflect back on the last ten years, I am just so incredibly grateful for the man I married and for the life that we have built together. I hope these ideas spark a note of creativity in your minds if you want to make your guy’s day a little brighter on National Husband Appreciation Day, too!

Give Him the Day Off

Ask any mama what her ideal Saturday looks like, and I guarantee she probably wants a little time alone. Are husbands or dads really so different? They need some “me” time, too! 

Share In One of His Interests

I can’t tell you how many museum exhibits, shopping trips, or “special events” I have dragged my husband to in the last twenty years or so that we have been together. Let me tell you, it’s been a lot. And my husband has never once complained. In fact, he’s the one driving me around and showing an interest in things that I love because he loves me. This is something that I am working on actively to show him more now, too!

Speak Words of Affirmation, Praise, and Thanks

Is there anything sweeter than words of encouragement or an unexpected compliment from those you love? I personally adore it when my kids come up to me and say, “I love you just because I love you!” Take a second to tell your husband how much he means to you on this day and let him know why. I am sure he will be touched by the gesture and it will mean more to him than you think!

Plan a Date Night

I feel like oftentimes, the task of planning a romantic and fun date night often falls upon my husband. The only thing better than a scheduled date night is a spontaneous surprise date night! I LOVE this idea and I think he will, too! 

Get Him a Gift

My husband doesn’t often buy special things for himself, so this would be a wonderful day for me to spoil him rotten just because. Personally, I love gifts, and they definitely do not have to be big or expensive to be meaningful. Some of my most treasured gifts are items that are of little or no monetary value. The entire point of a gift is to show someone that you’ve been thinking of them… and how special will that make the other person feel when they receive a gift like this?

Show Him Off to Your Friends

It can be so easy to fall into a routine of hubby bashing, especially with our friends, but are we also taking the time to tell others how wonderful our significant others are? It makes me feel ten feet tall when my husband tells people that I am a terrific cook and baker. I can’t imagine he would feel any differently if I told others what a wonderful provider and father he is to our children and family. Show your man off! Brag about him a little… or a lot!

Make Him His Favorite Meal

When I make an effort to cook the food that my husband likes, I am 100% speaking his love language. It makes me so happy to see my family dig into a dish that I have labored on and poured my love into. It definitely makes every bit of hard work worthwhile. 

Shower Him With Extra Affection and Love

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Physical affection is a great way to re-engage with your spouse and to show love. I think that a touch on the arm, a random kiss, or unexpected hug can go a long way toward rekindling intimacy in your relationship. 

Make An Effort

No matter what you can or are able to do, just sharing the idea that you thought of him on this day and wanted to celebrate him in some type of way will be meaningful. Tell him again why you married him and why you continue to choose to be married to him. I know for certain that he will love this!  

How do you plan to celebrate National Husband Appreciation Day? Share your ideas below in the comments– we would love to hear them!


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