My Secret to Never Having to Visit a Car Mechanic Again

We are excited to be partnering with YourMechanic once again via this sponsored post. If your car is in need of maintenance (either routine or repairs), then be sure to read this first...

Yes, our hands are full juggling kids, schedules, laundry, cooking, homework — you name it.  And if I am being totally honest, car maintenance is so low on my priority list that I often let it go by the wayside.  There are some scary and motivating statistics out there about delaying or ignoring car maintenance and how much it can cost when delaying basic car care.  I’ll admit, it would be hard to swallow paying $3000 – $5000 in repairs for ignoring a simple oil change that costs less than $100 to perform. So imagine my excitement when I heard there was now a mobile mechanic service that could meet me wherever I was and tend to my car for me.  Gone are the days of sitting in a small waiting room with energetic kids while getting my oil changed and tires rotated.  YourMechanic will come to you — your home OR your office — and perform these services all while your kids continue playing inside and while you can continue checking things off your to-do list. 

Here’s how it works… Nationally established and supported, YourMechanic will send a certified mechanic to you to provide general car maintenance, troubleshooting and quotes on the spot, and any car repairs that you may need.  Booking a mechanic is seamless and convenient and can be done from your phone or your computer.  The mechanics are available 7 days a week with flexible, extended hours from 7 am to 9 pm.  

With the holidays nearing, I was long over due for my oil change and tire rotation which triggered some fretting over traveling in my car for Thanksgiving.  Not an issue for YourMechanic though! Ben, one of their Houston-based mechanics, was able to come to my home during the busy Thanksgiving week to take care of my oil change, tire rotation, and he even changed my cabin air filter so that my family and I could travel with peace of mind. Not only was it super easy to schedule, once booked, YourMechanic sent me an e-mail with a quick bio about my scheduled mechanic so I knew exactly who to expect. Then, the day of the appointment, I received a text message that the mechanic was headed to my house with a GPS link so that I could track his progress. He was on time, professional, funny, and efficient.  He was in and out in under a hour, all while my kiddos continued playing inside while I sipped on my favorite coffee. 

Aside from just having the time for car maintenance, basic car care in and of itself is just plain daunting for many.  With that said, YourMechanic surveyed hundreds of mechanics from more than 30 states to compile the top five tips car owners can follow as a guide to help extend the life of your vehicle and keep repair costs down:

  1. Keep up with oil changes. When oil levels are low, or oil is old, added friction between moving parts can cause wear and tear to the engine. Follow your owner’s manual to determine the best intervals for changing oil. As a general rule of thumb, always check the brakes every time the oil is changed.
  2. Take care of your tires. Check and maintain proper tire pressure. Tires inflated within five pounds per square inch {PSI} of their recommended level improve gas mileage and general handling of your vehicle. Recommended PSI can be found in the owner’s manual. Don’t forget to rotate your tires every 5,000 – 8,000 miles too!
  3. Check vehicle fluids. Vehicles rely on transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and properly mixed coolant to run. Fluids need to be topped off for optimal vehicle performance throughout the life of the vehicle.
  4. Change air filters regularly. Dust and grime accumulates over time and can negatively impact gas mileage and engine performance.
  5. Take care of minor repairs when they arise. New noises or changes in the drivability of a vehicle should be checked out promptly.

In addition to the above, here are a couple other helpful tips from the experts at YourMechanic that are easy to do and to remember — and will keep our vehicles running smoothly and safely. 

  • Keep your car filled with a 1/4 tank of gas. Keeping your fuel tank at least at the 1/4 full mark can help protect both your fuel pump and fuel filter.  The fuel pump in a vehicle pumps fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. In addition to performing this function, it also makes sure that the fuel stays pressurized while on its way to the engine. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank on modern cars, and problems can occur when the fuel pump either becomes clogged from sediment in the fuel tank or stops working due to wear, usually from working too hard or after long intervals of time. In modern vehicles, the fuel pump is located within the engine where the fuel helps keep it cool. When the fuel level falls below the fuel pump, the pump starts taking in air, which then generates more heat. This overheating can cause the fuel pump to wear out faster than normal or even cause it to fail completely if it gets too hot.
  • Check the tread on your tires routinely.  With so many of us hitting the roads this holiday season, this is a quick and easy do-it-yourself tip to make sure our tires are ready for all those miles.  One sure way to ruin a holiday celebration is to be stuck on the side of the road, with a car full of kids, a trunk full of presents, and changing a flat tire.  Low tread tires also increase the risk of hydroplaning and can affect a car’s ability to brake efficiently and quickly which makes traveling with low tread dangerous.  Here’s a quick and easy way to check your tire tread:

Using a quarter, stick George Washington’s head upside down between the tread.  The tires need changing if you can see the top of his head or the text above his head.

This was my first time using YourMechanic, but I promise it won’t be my last. It turned a task that I typically loathe into a stress-free experience. In need of car maintenance yourself?  Book your appointment now and rest assured knowing your car is ready for the holiday season and the new year!

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