C-Section Recovery Must Haves

C-Section Recovery Must Haves

You’ve read the many lists of what to pack for the hospital and checked your registries and “Baby Must-Have” lists more times than you’d like to admit, but are you ready for recovery after a c-section?  Often times a cesarean isn’t planned or desired, so you may not have had to think about preparing for one.  My first son came via an emergency c-section, so I really had no idea what I was in for.  My second son had to be delivered via a scheduled cesarean, and even though I had done it before, how quickly we forget the necessities needed to make your recovery easier!

Disclosure :: I am not a doctor or medical professional, so of course, listen to those people first and foremost about your own c-section recovery.

C-Section Recovery Must Haves

100% Cotton Granny Panties – This seems obvious, but these were some of the items I sent my mom to Target for after my second c-section.  I should have known better!  You will want some unattractive, high-waisted, loose-fitting, cotton granny panties to wear after your surgery.  I wore mine for weeks.  I didn’t want anything coming close to my incision.  You also need to keep your incision cool and dry, which is why the 100% cotton is a must!

Nightgowns – I found that nightgowns were easier than pajamas sets with pants during recovery, both at the hospital and at home.  When you are in the hospital, nurses and doctors are constantly coming in to check your incision, bleeding, and everything else down there, so to me it’s easier and more comfortable to not have on pants.  I also found this to be true at home in order to keep pressure off the incision and my sensitive abdomen area.  Grab yourself a robe as well for chilly nights and walks around the hospital.

Loose-Fitting Clothing – Again, you don’t want anything rubbing or irritating your incision, so loose-fitting clothing is best.  I loved wearing my long pregnancy/nursing tanks with stretchy leggings.  Maxi dresses and day dresses are great too!

High-Waist Leggings – Once you feel ready for pants {this took me two weeks}, make sure what you wear doesn’t rub you uncomfortably.  I lived in {and am still living in} the Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings!  Trust me on this one.  They hold in your postpartum belly, won’t rub your incision, and are just plan comfy.

Large Pads – Even with surgery, you will bleed.  A lot.  Long, larger, overnight pads are a necessity when the giant hospital ones run out!  Another HMB contributor even mentioned putting these on her c-section incision to protect her clothing and give a little extra protection to the incision.

Stool Softener – This may be TMI, but trust me on this…  After surgery it’s pretty hard to go #2 because you can’t “push” anything since you are so sore.  Your body is also going to be a bit constipated since you’ve been in bed, etc.  Your doctor may prescribe these for you, but an OTC stool softener is good to have in your arsenal just in case {this is NOT the same as a laxative}.  Prune juice, prunes, and walking are also great helpers in this department!

Storage Bins/Baskets – This one seems silly, but hear me out!  I live in a two-story home with our bedroom being on the first floor and the nursery being on the second floor.  After a c-section, it is recommended that you do not climb stairs for a short while, so I planned ahead and brought down some essentials from the nursery to my bedroom.  I kept everything organized using some plastic storage bins and baskets.

Extra Help – This is probably the biggest one!  You are going to need help.  Period.  You are tasked with taking care of a newborn {and possibly your other kids} while recovering from major surgery.  Don’t try to be superwoman!  There will not be any awards handed out if you don’t receive help.  Whether from your husband, parents, friends, nanny {or all of the above}, be specific in what will be helpful to you.  Help may be meals, toddler help, laundry, or just someone to hold the baby while you shower.  And if you aren’t getting the help you need, talk to your doctor who can be more stern with people in your tribe about what is needed for your recovery.

Patience -Hopefully you will be like me and be surprised at how quickly you start feeling better, but you must have patience and not rush the recovery process.  I’ve known too many people who did too much too soon, and it slowed down their healing.  Listen to your doctor on this one, and be mindful about lifting heavy things {like your toddler} and not rushing exercise!

Fellow C-Section Mamas… What c-section recovery necessities were a must for YOU?

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  1. This is a very helpful list! Two additional things that really helped me were a heating pad and extra pillows for the bed. The heating pad helped significantly with pain management when I didn’t want to take any more norco. Also, you don’t realize how much the adjustable hospital bed assists you with your own physical movement until you get home (that is unless you have an adjustable bed at home). I used as many pillows as I could find to simulate the hospital bed incline at home.

  2. Abdominal binder. My hospital automatically gave me one but my sister’s did not. It gave me so much mid section support when my stomach muscles just couldn’t and it’s helped so much with the pain. And as an extra plus, it quickly flattened my post pregnancy belly.

  3. Even though it hurts afterwards to stand up straight and walk around without being hunched over it made a big difference! Everyone knows they will be in pain after the surgery so enduring the extra discomfort of making sure you sit up straight and walk around tall in the beginning will make it easier later on. Also make sure to get up and walk around even if it is only a small stroll around your living room. Movement helps your circulation and therefore your healing 🙂

  4. Also a blow dryer. You use it to dry off the incision area after a shower. The heat feels great and you don’t have irritate it with rubbing a towel


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