Registering for Baby #2

Registering for your first baby can be completely overwhelming. There are endless options. Who knew there were 46 different kinds of pacifiers to choose from? Or bottles? Glass or plastic, straight or angled, traditional looking or an exact replica of a boob {have you seen those?}… And don’t even get me started on strollers. Hubby and I watched way too many YouTube video reviews on strollers before making a decision.

Luckily, you learn a lot about what you {and your baby} prefer after the first kid. So by the time you are expecting baby #2, you aren’t so overwhelmed with decisions on what to buy. But what exactly do you need for baby #2 {or 3 or 4 or 8}? Well, a lot of it will depend on the age gap between kids, but here is a list to get you started. These are the top 8 items to buy for the next baby.

Baby 2 Registry

1. Pumping / Feeding Supplies

You may need to replace some items like bottle nipples and pumping parts. You may also need new milk storage bags, a bottle brush, and breast pads.

2.  Baby Monitor

If you still use a monitor for the older sibling, you may want another one or an additional camera for the new baby. Plus, the quality of these items seems to improve every year, so you may want an upgrade altogether.

3. Sound Machine

If your kids’ rooms are close together, you may need a sound machine in each of their rooms to drown out the middle-of-the-night crying.

4. Double Stroller

This will really depend on the ages of the kids and whether or not the older one still likes to be in a stroller. If they are close in age though, a double stroller can be a life saver. We have gotten a ton of use out of ours!

5. Consumable Items

By now you probably know your favorite brand of diapers, wipes, diaper cream, lotion, and bath products…

6. Diaper Bag

Just as you like to change out your purse occasionally, you are probably ready for a change of diaper bag if it has been awhile carrying the same one.  Not to mention they have a tendency to get…well…a bit dirty.

7. Gender Specific Items

If you are having a baby of the opposite gender, you will probably want some new things. Hopefully, your big items are neutral colors {car seat, high chair, etc.}, but some of the less expensive things may be fun to get in different colors like bibs, blankets/swaddlers, burp cloths, pacis, and of course – clothes!

8. Crib & Bedding

Again, the age gap will play a big factor here. If your oldest is out of the crib, then you may not need a new one. But if he/she is still in a crib or it converted to a toddler or twin bed, then you will need another.

Now we would love to hear from you! What was on your list to buy for baby #2 or beyond?


  1. Our first child will be almost 3 when our second is born so we registered for a sit and stand stroller (we went with Joovy so we could use our Britax infant seat with it). Our kids are both girls but we also wanted some new towels and burp cloths as ours have gotten quite dingy over the last 3 years and it’ll be nice to have something fresh!


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