Creating a Unique Pre-K Experience at Rainard School for the Gifted

Every parent hopes to create avid little learners who enjoy Pre-K {and beyond} and look forward to their classroom experiences. We want our children to get the instruction and guidance from a teacher who will help highlight their strengths and individual skills. We seek a learning environment that will embrace our children’s weaknesses and help them overcome them. 

Sounds simple enough, but that’s no small order. 

That’s where the Pre-K program at Rainard School for the Gifted, created for Houston’s gifted-minded children, comes in. 

children gathered around a schoolroom window at Rainard School for the GIfted

One Size Does Not Fit All

As our children begin the journey through their educational experiences, once enthusiastic and excited students may begin losing interest in school. They may become disruptive and and irritable, instead of focusing on what they are learning. They may begin to despise school, overcome by the stresses of trying to fit into the standards, rules and expectations they may feel. 

Moms never want to be called into school or attend a parent-teacher conference to hear that their children are struggling, becoming a problem in the Pre-K classroom, or simply aren’t enjoying themselves. For many of us, the immediate sense of fear, panic and concern would be overwhelming. 

Don’t panic. Breathe. It’s going to be ok!

What may seem like a listless, inattentive child in the classroom may not really be a problem. Maybe your child just needs something different, something Rainard can help with. 

Students commonly appear to be bored, distracted, frustrated and sensitive in some classrooms. Sometimes, all they really need is an experience geared toward their interests and skills in an environment that better suits them. Rainard School strives to give its students that environment.

Pre-K with the Rainard Approach

Rainard School for the Gifted is an incredible school for children, ages three through eighth grade, that creates a learning environment that encourages and empowers children whose creative minds need to be nourished and supported. 

The Pre-K program at Rainard School for the Gifted is an incredible atmosphere to set the perfect tone for the rest of your child’s education.

The school offers Pre-K children the full day experience from 8am- 3:30pm, just like the rest of the school, to develop their reading and writing skills and hone in on their vital fine motor skills. The intimate, community-centric environment helps children create friendships and connections with other children and enjoy their experiences even more! Your child will also have plenty of time to learn languages like Spanish and French, explore art and music and cultivate their flexibility with yoga!

Educators at Rainard approach learning as a more tailored, individualized process that can meet the needs of your unique, gifted child. With their love and support {and monthly field trips}, your child will truly flourish as emotional fulfilled and creative scholars!

hands of children holding small flower pots

A Gift for the Gifted

Rainard School for the Gifted provides an incredible first experience in the classroom for children whose curious minds need a safe place to grow.

The pressure to keep up with the curriculum of other grades is completely alleviated after experiencing Pre-K at Rainard. You can truly feel confident that your child will be prepared and ready to move forward, and an IQ test is not required until Kindergarten. Meaning: Your child can simply focus on developing into a well-adjusted and supported student!

Beginning your child’s educational venture at Rainard School for the Gifted ensures that a tone of individuality, confidence and joy of learning are part of their foundation as a student. 

Keep in mind that the Pre-K at Rainard School does not enroll more than 6-8 students each year so look into enrolling your child today. You certainly don’t want to pass up the amazing opportunity for such an enriching schooling adventure!

Apply TODAY for the 2022-23 School Year!

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