Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Some parents may feel overwhelmed in trying to figure out what to give their teens for Easter when the majority of items for the season are geared toward younger children. Or, they may struggle with HOW to incorporate their teens in the celebrations. Check out our list of Easter basket goodies for teens, as well as activities for them to participate in all the fun and excitement of the day.

teen with bunny ears holding easter basket filled with eggsEaster Basket Fillers for Teens

Phone case

Headphones or wireless ear buds

Gift Cards (iTunes, gas card, fast food, etc)

Personalized stationery

Favorite Candy (what teen doesn’t love candy, and splurge on the bigger size) or a cool candy making kit!

Themed baskets

Movie tickets

Family coupons (this can be a free pass from chores, later curfew, etc)



Perfume / Cologne

Stainless Steel Water Bottle (or the famous Stanley tumbler, if you want to splurge)

Books (check out Houston Moms Best Book Recommendations)

Flip flops

Comic Books

Personalized Beach Towel

Video Games

Jewelry- like this initial necklace

Wristlet or Belt Bag (we love a Lululemon dupe!)

Color by Number adult coloring book

Fun Activities for Teens on Easter

  • Scavenger Hunt. Instead of the usual egg hunt, send your teen wandering through your home and yard to find hidden clues that leads them to a grand prize (to be determined by the parents). This can be as easy or as complex as you would like it to be. You can also make this a group activity for your teen and his/her friends.
  • Egg Toss. For this activity, you can use boiled or raw eggs. (This can also be played with a group of friends or relatives). Pair everyone off and have the pair stand facing each other at a small distance. Then they will toss the egg back and forth. Whoever drops the egg is out. To make it more challenging, each time the egg is tossed, each person must take a step back. The pair left standing with their unbroken egg wins!
  • Night Hunt. This one seems like a ton of fun! With this activity, you would turn off all lights in your yard making it completely dark. Teens use flashlights to find the hidden eggs in your backyard. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can move this indoors. Eggs can be filled with candy or (as one pin suggested, money.)

Does the Easter bunny still visit your teenager? What other items would you add to our list?

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