A Diagnosis Does Not Define a Child’s Worth

A Diagnosis Does Not Define a Child's Worth | Houston Moms Blog
A diagnosis cannot predict the extraordinary love you will have for your child.
We knew that our son Sam would be a little miracle from the start. One year. Its been one year since we got a “surprise” pregnancy test. I had never had a successful pregnancy without having one {or two} miscarriages first. So the fact that I was already almost 8 weeks pregnant when we found out, not taking any of the meds I was suppose to be taking, and that his heartbeat was going strong was a MIRACLE! Just 2 weeks later, we found out through genetic testing that there was a high chance he would have Down Syndrome.
That news really rocked our world. We were angry, upset, questioned God, and often asked “why us?”. We knew nothing but that we were scared of what it meant. I immediately started googling everything and things like high stillbirth rate, placenta abruption, major heart defects, poor quality of life… all of the doom and gloom was there on those pages just staring us in the face. 
WHY is it that those are the things you read when you google infant with Down Syndrome? Why doesn’t it say how much JOY they will bring to your life or how much PRIDE you will have for them? WHY doesn’t it tell you that they are still the most precious babies in the world, just like any other “typical” baby?
I wish so much that I could go back and tell myself that while yes, all the unknowns are really scary and it is a lot to process… I would tell myself that we will be OK, he will be OK. Yes, Sam has medical conditions that require a lot of care and attention, but truthfully those have nothing to do with Down Syndrome. He has lung and feeding issues from being born at 25 weeks. If I could give any advice to a mama that received a prenatal diagnosis {or a birth one} is to try to look past the diagnosis and realize that your baby is still your baby, That he or she will still do thing things other babies do. Maybe these will be in a different way or at a different time. But that is OK! It will be hard. It will be exhausting. It will feel like the wind has been taken from your sails … but they will change your life for the better, fill your heart with more happiness than you ever thought possible and truly make you a better person from the inside out. 
That is exactly what my Sam has done for me. He has taught me patience, he has shown me the depths of a mother’s love, and without a doubt, he has shown me that a diagnosis does not define a child’s worth!

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Sara was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA, although Texas has always been “home”. Married to her husband Pat since 2011, he was once in the military and they have lived all over. A mom to 3 kiddos, one #nicuwarrior with DS and two rambunctious toddlers. She is a registered nurse, stays at home now but still shares her passion for helping others by being a health and lifestyle coach. She documents her life, raising a special needs child, and all things motherhood on her Instagram @saraengland1 or on Facebook at Sara England Fitness


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