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child participates in online schooling sitting at desk looking at computer with headphones on

Three Reasons to Consider Online Schooling for Your Child

By Guest Blogger Sarah Sumrall Students face the potential of anxiety and stress brought about by attending school. While many factors contribute to a student’s mental health profile, the online school model offered by Texas Online Preparatory...
woman empty nesting sitting drinking coffee

Far From Empty: The Joy of Empty Nesting

Months ago, I was introduced to the Highwomen and specifically the song “My Name Can’t be Mama.” The lyrics include, “I’m not the kind of woman that would throw it all away, but my...
woman sits on bench with head in hands, several feet from a stroller

Postpartum Mental Healthcare: An Urgent Need for Change

When I read about Lindsay Clancy and her three precious babies, my heart broke. Now, my soul literally aches for her and her family as the latest victims of our nation’s horrible lack of...
car illegally parked in an accessible parking spot

Accessible Parking: Some Spaces Aren’t Meant For You

You didn’t think it’d affect anybody. You were just running your kids in “real fast”. Maybe you didn’t notice the van that pulled into the parking lot right behind you with the disability plates....
young girl stands at library shelf and selects a book

This is War: How We Can Stop Book Bans in Our Community

I am a mom to a first and second grader who, thanks to their incredible public school teachers, have already fallen in love with reading. I stand with students, parents, librarians, classroom teachers and...
woman on top of man in bed

I’m Middle Aged With Two Kids, and I’m Having the Best Sex of My...

I remember a few months after my first kid was born, when I was still trying to get back in the saddle sex-wise {6 weeks my ass, or really my perineum, am I right?}....

Summer Staycation: Why Families with Disabled Children Just Stay Home

Like most families, we’ve been thinking about what we want to do when school gets out and summer vacation is in full swing. We have two young children, and our oldest daughter is disabled....
silhouette of woman with ponytail on a blue and pink background

Sexual Assault: Yes, It Can Happen to You

I'll be honest. This is all very fresh to me. And I wasn't even sure I was going to write about it until a friend posted something on Instagram about it being Sexual Assault...
campers in painted faces

Why Summer Camp is More Important Than Ever

Camp is a longtime summer tradition for generations of families, but now more than ever children and young adults need summer camp. Two years of a global pandemic has led to increased stress and...

We Need to Start Talking about Eating Disorders

My sister has been in recovery for years. But you won't see me posting how proud I am of her, congratulating her on how many years she's fought her demons and won, or sharing what...