DIY Crib Mobiles

DIY Crib Mobiles

One of my favorite ways to add a unique and personalized touch to a baby nursery is to include a homemade crib mobile. The possibilities on Pinterest are endless and many of them are not very complicated. I have made one for each of my kids and have had so much fun creating these. I will share some of the DIY details for each.


Floral Chandelier Mobile

This was my first and favorite mobile. It was also the most expensive and time consuming. But the final product is gorgeous! I originally spotted one like this on Etsy that I loved and decided to recreate it. My daughter is 3 1/2, but I still haven’t taken it down. It hangs above her big girl bed, and I adore it. I feel like this one doesn’t look too babyish so it can grow with her for a while.

Styrofoam wreath about 15″ diameter {the firm white kind, not the green}
White ribbon {I used 7/8″ wide}
Floral stems
Straight pins
Hot glue
Fishing line or other clear nylon string
Pearls of various sizes

1} Wrap the foam ring with ribbon so that none of the styrofoam is showing. Use straight pins every so often to keep the ribbon from slipping out of place. Tie long pieces of ribbon around the ring in 3 different places {evenly spaced} and leave enough length to join the 3 ribbons together to hang the mobile from the ceiling. 2} String pearls and crystals together in whatever pattern you want. Use fishing line to tie it up to the wreath in each section. 3} Attach the floral pieces with pins, hot glue, or both. Start with the bigger blooms first and evenly space them. Then fill in the rest with smaller flowers.


2 Tiered Ribbon Mobile

This one is much simpler and less expensive. My youngest daughter’s room had lots of pattern going on, so I chose an all-white mobile with different textures of ribbon.

2 sizes of metal hoops {I used a 20″ and 11″ hoop}
Various patterns of ribbon
Hot glue
Fishing line or nylon string

1} Tie ribbon to the smaller hoop in 3 places {evenly spaced} and leave enough length to join the ribbons together to hang the mobile from the ceiling. 2} Connect the two hoops with fishing line. This is the only tricky part. I wish I knew an easier way to do it, but I just eyeballed it and kept adjusting until they looked level. I used fishing line to connect the 2 hoops in 3 places. 3} Cut the ribbons to approximately 29″ lengths. Fold it over the top hoop and secure with hot glue. Let it drop down and then back up to the larger loop and glue it again {kind of like large J’s}. Do this all the way around the hoops.


Boy’s Fabric Tie Mobile

I made this one a couple months ago for my baby boy that will be arriving at the end of October. I love how it turned out, and it was very easy to make. I love that the ribbons look like little ties.

Metal hoop {I used 15″ diameter}
Fabric of various patterns
Twine ribbon

1} Tie twine to the metal hoop in 3 places {evenly spaced} and leave enough length to join the twine together to hang the mobile from the ceiling. 2} Cut the ribbon into 1.5″ wide strips. The fabric will fray some, but that’s ok. That is part of the look. When the mobile is finished my ribbons hung 15″ in length, but I trimmed them evenly once they were all tied on. 3} Tie the fabric strips around the hoop so that it looks like a tie. It is much simpler than actually tying it like a tie. See the picture below.


These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully you are inspired to put your own personal touch on a darling crib mobile!


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