DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

Oh, gift baskets!  To this Southern girl, there is absolutely nothing sweeter than throwing a few of my favorite things into a basket and giving my dear friends a gift.  Whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday, or even just because — I think I can put together a gift basket for just about any occasion!

So lately, as the Houston real estate market booms and my friends keep growing their family, I have found myself putting together quite a few of these DIY Housewarming Gift Baskets.  They are absolutely precious, fairly simple to make, and here’s the thing I love most about them…it is goodies that my friends will actually use!  As in, pass the bottle opener, open immediately, and use RIGHT AWAY!!

Housewarming Gift Basket. A photograph of a gift basket with a bottle of wine, towels, a scented candle and hand soap and a label that reads welcome home. {Hint :: Don’t know anyone moving right this minute?
Pin the picture above and store it away for later!}

Of course, this can be customized and personalized with whatever you see fit, but here are a few of my go tos when putting together a housewarming gift basket…

  • Wine :: Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?  Moving is HARD WORK, and I think everyone who puts in a hard day’s labor deserves a relaxing glass of wine to help end their day.  Who knows…if you stay and help unpack a few boxes, they just might offer you a glass as well!  {Note :: I always substitute a non-alcoholic wine for my preggie friends who are moving.  Although a bottle of sparkling cider would be fun and celebratory too!}
  • Candle :: I guess I could fill this in with some really beautiful and heartfelt words about casting your light in a new house or something, but let’s get real – moving into a house is stinky work.  Whether it’s the smell of bleach, or paint, or cardboard, or sweaty movers…  I think ALL new homes deserve a sweet smelling candle to mask the odors and replace them with yummy smells.  Bonus points if you pick out a candle in a seasonal scent also!
  • Hand Soap :: Another must have.  You know, to go along with the bleach, or paint, or cardboard, or sweaty movers…  Moving is a messy job, and someone has to remember the hand washing!
  • Towels :: Believe it or not, this one can be tricky – especially if you have yet to visit the new house.  If you *really* know your friend’s tastes or the color palette they are going with, you can try your hand at picking dish towels or hand towels that they might like.  My favorite though is just a few classic white bar mops.  They go with every house and decor, plus…they can be used for pretty much anything {drying, cleaning, mopping bars?}.
  • Basket :: Probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, but there has been a time or two where I have gotten a bunch of fun goodies together – only to realize that I had forgotten something to put them all in.  Feel free to get creative with a jar or a colander or a mop bucket {you know, to go with the bar mops!}, but I seem to gravitate towards traditional baskets.  They look so pretty all put together, and they are so functional as the new homeowner is searching for just one. more. storage spot. for the overwhelming amount of stuff that comes out of those pesky moving boxes.
  • Gift Tag :: And last, but certainly not least – be sure to include a gift tag.  Not only is it a kind, finishing touch, but it will also help them remember who to thank when they finally come up for a breath of air from the whirlwind that is moving into a new home!  Oh, and don’t worry…  I’ve made it SUPER simple for you by including a free ‘Welcome Home’ printable gift tag that is perfect for any DIY housewarming gift basket.  Just click the link below the picture, print on cardstock, cut out, write your name on the back, and there you go!

Welcome Home gift tag. Click here for PDF download.

And there you have it – a housewarming gift basket that is stress-free for you and super-useful for the lucky recipient!  What am I forgetting?  What should I be sure to stock up on for next time??  Sound off in the comments below!

A photograph of a gift basket with a bottle of wine, towels, a scented candle and hand soap and a label that reads welcome home.

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