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I received something fun in the mail this week. My Name Stories package arrived! I ordered this as a gift for my daughter, who is about to realize one of her dreams.

Recently a mainstage musical production cast my daughter in a named role. She’s been a musical theater student for several years and her goal since the beginning was to one day perform on a big stage. She’s getting a chance to do just that! To commemorate this special milestone, I wanted to gift her something that would encourage and inspire her for years to come. So, I turned to Name Stories.

Name Stories collage in the shape of a heart with "love" in the middle

Name Stories offers personalized art print that celebrates the story of each name’s remarkable journey through history. Each art print features a detailed account of the name’s origin, meaning and how it managed to survive the test of time. They also take the name’s “destiny number” according to numerology and come up with words and attributes to reflect the spirit and energy of the name.

My daughter’s name means Brave and Bold and a few of her descriptive words include Magnetic, Optimistic, and Generous. I really want her to remember this about herself, especially when the going gets tough!

Name Stories example "Liam"

How to Order a Name Print from Name Stories

Ordering was easy. I looked through the Name Stories website and searched for her name. I picked a color that I knew she would love. Then I chose a print size to fit the space in her room where I planned to hang it. Afterwards, I personalized it with a brief custom text that would appear above her name.

You can order the prints framed or unframed as well. I ordered mine unframed but both versions of the artwork are made to order in the company’s California and Oregon facilities. The framed options would look great on a wall as a distinctive piece of décor. Each solid wood frame is handcrafted and available in smooth matte black and soft matte white-painted finishes. It comes with a buffered acid-free mat and backing to beautifully showcase the art.

I learned the hard way that artwork fades over time when it gets exposed to light, even sunlight that comes through nearby windows. The framing-grade acrylic glazing on these frames filters out UV rays for protection and longevity. This means you can enjoy the print in its pristine condition for a good long time. Not only that but the frame is finished with a dust cover, wall bumpers and comes with a wire ready for hanging!

"Olivia" hung in bedroom with jewelry box on dresser beside lamp

My Name Stories Art Print Arrives

After placing my order, I kept an eye on the shipping schedule through order tracking. This way, I knew when to intercept the mail before my daughter got too curious about any special deliveries at our door. Luckily, she was at school when the thick, sturdy envelope arrived so I was able to inspect it freely.

I pulled the carefully packaged print out of the envelope, and was pleased to find a professionally printed product on lovely, heavyweight fine art paper. It felt so fancy! Not only is it printed on thick high-quality paper, Name Stories also uses archival inks for a long-lasting vibrant color. You can tell the difference between this and plain poster prints because the text is clearer and the images are crisp.

In addition, the way Name Stories describes the history and meaning of each name is just so impressive. They spent years researching and carefully curating pieces of history to create a piece of original content that tells a story with love. The resulting artwork is really charming, combining meaningful subject matter with creative typography and artistic expression.

My Daughter’s Reaction to her Name Stories Art Print

Kids really love seeing their name in print. My daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw the lavender-colored artwork with her name right at the top. She proceeded to read the description and especially loved the special words and attributes. “Oh yes, that’s me!” she said. It felt like we were applauding her with every word. Name Stories really is a smart, engaging way to honor and inspire someone special in your life.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

I got this to congratulate my daughter on her achievement, but this would be a great gift for anyone, from a newborn to a grandparent. Whether it be a family member, friend, teacher, co-worker or any special someone, people like to hear something inspirational about their name!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, there’s no better way to celebrate someone than to celebrate their name. Whether as a sweet gift for a significant other or as a surprise for the kids, Name Stories is a fun and meaningful gift for any occasion.

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