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Houston Experiences as Gifts: 20 Ideas to Create Family Memories

A similar scene plays across homes all across the country on Christmas morning; children wait impatiently while the grownups prepare their coffee and find a comfortable seat from where they can watch the gift-opening...

10 Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Kids in Houston

Houston has been getting a bit of positive press over the last few years. Renowned publications like Forbes, Travel + Leisure, US News, and Time have ranked Houston at the top for various accolades that...

Got Hungry Kids? We Have Kids Eat FREE Solutions!

We rarely went out to eat when the kids were young. It was such a hassle trying to keep tabs on everyone. Between setting up the special clip-on high chair for the baby, helping...
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Struggling with Mother’s Day Dread: It Goes Deeper

Oh no, I just saw an ad for “cute gifts any Mom would love” and my stomach dropped. May 14 is coming up and I have Mother's Day dread. For the last decade or...

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Go With Grace

If you’ve read the articles or seen the memes, then you know about the millions of people who had a grueling time trying to buy tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour last month. I...

Houston Health Department Offers On-Campus COVID-19 Testing for Students and Staff 

Spring has sprung and everyone seems to be out and about again with sports, activities, and travel. It’s been nice for our family to get back to church in person, to participate in theater...

Via Colori Chalk Art Festival in Houston is Back!

As winter turns to spring in Houston, my family and I are ready to get out and enjoy all that the city has to offer. One of the activities we plan to hit up...

Sienna Hosts Fun and Free Toddler Fair for Families

As we welcome springtime to Houston, families have lots of reasons to be out and about again. There’s always something fun going on in our sprawling metropolis. Just a glance at our Houston guides...

My Fear of “Ching-Chong-Kung-Fu” Almost Derailed Chinese New Year Forever

It’s the Year of the Tiger! Happy Lunar New Year! Every year we get together with extended family for a boisterous feast. We eat traditional foods that symbolize different sentiments. For example, noodles represent happiness...

Celebrate Someone Special with a Name Stories Art Print

I received something fun in the mail this week. My Name Stories package arrived! I ordered this as a gift for my daughter, who is about to realize one of her dreams. Recently a mainstage...