DIY No Sew Valentine’s Onesie


One of the things I look forward to most each week is meeting at Tallowood Baptist Church to spend Tuesday mornings with the sweetest group of ladies. I just started going to Divine Design in the fall, and I really love it. The children get to go have fun in {free!} childcare, while the mommies get to enjoy a relaxing morning. The first part of the class is spent learning a homemaking skill or craft, and the second part of the class we get to hear a word of biblical encouragement on growing our faith and loving our husbands and children well. By the way, anyone can sign up for Divine Design, and you don’t have to be a member of Tallowood – I am not. If you are interested, please check out the website or feel free to ask me more about it!

A few months ago, we learned how to make these cute little pumpkin shirts using fusible applique. I had never done this before, but I really liked the way it turned out. So I used the same technique to make this Valentine’s onesie for my baby girl. It is pretty easy to do, and best of all – it requires NO SEWING! Now obviously you could change it up and make any design you want. For you moms of baby boys, I think it would be cute to cut out the shape of a tie using some fun fabric.

Here are the supplies you need ::


Onesie {or t-shirt}, pre-washed

Heat’n Bond Ultrahold* {found at most craft stores}

Various fabrics

A pattern to trace




*You could also use Heat’n Bond Light if you plan to stitch around the edges or use fabric paint to outline the edges. Since I don’t sew and I have a hard time squirting the fabric paint out perfectly, I chose to go with the Heat’n Bond Ultrahold which doesn’t require any sewing or paint.

1) Trace your pattern

I have a number of different sized heart-shaped cookie cutters that were perfect to trace. You could also print something you find online or free hand it if you are awesome like that. Use a pencil and make sure you are tracing it on the paper side of the Heat’n Bond, not on the shiny textured side. Keep in mind that this will end up being a mirror image. With hearts it doesn’t matter, but with a letter or some other shape it could end up being backwards – so make sure you trace it accordingly.


2) Cut out your shape

Leave a little space around your pencil line. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If it is a large piece, cut out some of the middle section so your onesie won’t have such a large area that feels stiff. Again, this part doesn’t have to be perfect.



3) Iron onto the fabric

Place the shiny textured side of your cut-out onto the back {ugly} side of the fabric. Iron it on according to the Heat’n Bond package directions. You really only need a tiny bit of fabric, so if you have some scrap fabric lying around – that would be perfect. I used leftover fabric from the crib bedding I had made for my girls {meaning, I had it made by someone else…not me!}.


4) Cut out the fabric

Carefully cut along your pencil line. It is best to use fabric scissors. But if you aren’t that fancy, then just use your kitchen scissors like me.



5) Peel and Place

Peel the paper off of the back of the fabric, then place it exactly where you want it on the onesie.



6) Iron the onesie

Follow the package directions to iron your cut-outs on the onesie. Make sure the edges have completely bonded to the fabric.

And, ta-da! You have made an adorable custom onesie for your little one! I tried to choose fabrics that weren’t too Valentine’s-ish so that she could get more wear out of this. But these are pretty easy to make so you could definitely whip up another for the next holiday, or just do a cute one with your child’s initial. And I think this would look adorable paired with a no-sew tutu.




Good luck! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


  1. These are so super cute Jana! I am keeping them in mind for some sweet friends with girls next Valentine’s Day, but I am going to use the technique in the meantime for some aviation shirts for the boys!


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