Friday Favorites:: My Top 10 Best Quarantine Purchases

Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhoustonMy friends and family know that if there’s a cool new product or gadget, chances are that I’ve at least seen it or purchased it online already. If you are a developer launching a new product online, believe me – you’re going to want to know the algorithm that makes it possible for your product to show up in my social media feeds. Over the years, I’ve had some hits and definitely some misses but a silver lining during the great COVID quarantine of the past year is that I’ve picked up some really great products that I believe are definitely shareworthy.

Here are my Top 10 Best Quarantine Purchases::

10. Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner:  I actually saw this on the feed of Houston Mom’s own Elizabeth B. and was instantly intrigued because she is not one to endorse products unless they are CLUTCH. After I asked her a couple of questions, I hit “Purchase Now” on Amazon and never looked back. This thing is GREAT!  It makes the process of cleaning your makeup brushes {which I argue none of us do as often as we should…} both extremely quick and fun. And it’s just over $20!

9.Nurish Personalized Vitamins::  I figured that living in a global pandemic meant that it was time to kick my vitamin game up a notch and I kept seeing these personalized daily vitamin packs all over the internet. Initially, I fell for the Persona vitamins click bait on Instagram because I’m a Kelly Ripa fan and she’s their spokeswoman. However, after my first month, I had a conversation with my sister and she told me about a very similar brand called Nurish that is essentially the same concept but less expensive. So I gave them a shot and WOW!  Each month I get a box delivered to my front door with personalized daily vitamins packaged in individual pouches that make keeping up with a vitamin routine super easy. My box of daily individual vitamin packs runs me about $45-50 per month.

8. Ergonomic  mouse:  Like many of you during COVID, I’m working full time from home and that means more time behind a computer screen than ever before. Ninety days into working from home, I was experiencing some significant pain in my right hand due to the increase in usage of my computer mouse. I decided it was time to up my computer mouse game so I found this wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse on Amazon and decided to give it a shot. At less than $30 + free hassle free returns, I figured why not? After it arrived, I was skeptical because it took a few minutes to get adjusted to it being vertical but after less than an hour I was hooked and I swear I will never use a regular computer mouse ever again. My hand pain was gone within the week!

7. Comfortable shoes:  While we’re on the topic of working from home comfort, let’s discuss shoes. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m staring 40 smack dab in the eyeballs right now or the constant walking on my hardwood floors while not in “office appropriate attire” all day, but those early months of the pandemic did a number on my feet. I quickly realized when it got to the point of pinching pain in my right arch that it was time to invest in some shoes with better support. After a number of recommendations from friends {and some trial and error through Amazon}, I quickly realized that when it comes to stylish shoes with adequate support, Clark’s is the leader. No longer are they the shoe brand of your grandmother. There are plenty of options that cater to younger 30 & 40 somethings to keep them stylish and comfortably supported.

6. Blissy Pillowcase:  This item has been hot and heavy all over Instagram {at least on my feed} and fashion magazines for months. Ads tout that the 100% pure mulberry silk does wonders for your hair, skin, and overall health while you sleep. Again, I was skeptical but people around me that I trust with making sound purchasing decisions were also singing this magical pillowcase’s praises. I bit the bullet {it’s pricey at about $70!!!} and saw what everyone was talking about online. After a few weeks my hair looked better, my skin looked great and I was sleeping better due to the cooling effects of the silk since I am a hot sleeper at night.

5. SlumberPod:  Both of my boys were sleep trained early on and a key element of most sleep training programs is to provide a completely dark room for your child to sleep in each night and for naptime(s). That’s all fine and dandy until it comes time for overnight trips where you have less control over “blackout” options for your kids. Meet SlumberPod. Originally a product on Shark Tank, I wish we had this thing in our early years of travel with our oldest son because it is AMAZING. It’s super lightweight and easy to set up {easier than the most basic camping tent} and provides a pitch black environment for your child to enjoy while you are away from home. It’s also highly breathable, includes a pocket for you to insert a baby monitor camera to keep an eye on your little one and also has pouch for a small fan {purchased separately} for warmer environments. It is definitely pricey at $169 but extremely durable and will last for years and/or multiple children.  Do not sacrifice good sleep any more while you travel!

4. Jaanuu Masks:  For some reason, Instagram was pushing these masks HARD on my feed about three months back. I literally couldn’t log in without seeing “America’s #1 Mask. Masks by Doctors. Fit for a President.” President Obama was pictured with one, as were dozens of healthcare professionals and the website had endorsements from Good Housekeeping, MOMTRENDS, Marie Claire, etc. among others. Jaanuu is actually a medical scrubs manufacturer and they started making masks in 2020 from the same scrubs fabric which is treated with Silvadur™ antimicrobial preservative technology. The masks are washable and reusable, designed for durability, reinforced with mesh lining, and feature comfortable, stretchable ear loops. I bought several for myself as well as my husband and 6-year old son and they are truly game changers when it comes to wearing a mask. A 5-pack will run you about $20.

3. Olive & June Nail Products:  COVID life for me meant abandoning my visits to the nail salon. After a few months I found myself looking for a line of nail products that I could trust from a quality perspective to give me that salon look without going to a salon. In came Olive & June, also heavily pushed on me through my social feeds. But I cannot say enough great things about every one of their products, y’all! The ads are *NO JOKE* when they claim manicures using their products last 2 weeks. It’s incredible! They have a ton of color options for polish as well as manicure tools to help make your nails look fabulous and now can be found at Target!  The patented bottle handle that fits over the top of the polish handle IS A MUST, FYI!

2. Bev Wine:  If you are a fan of a little fizz in your wine with only 100 calories, ZERO sugar and only 3 carbs, Bev wine is for you my friends! I found this early on during COVID after joining a few wine clubs that shipped directly to my door each month, but left me not quite totally satisfied with the selections I received. Each can is roughly the size of a glass of wine and there are several options to choose from:: California Sauvignon Blanc, California Pinot Grigio, California Rose, California Pinot Noir, etc. They are all light and refreshing and the best part is being able to enjoy a glass of wine without totally overdoing it on sugar and calories. You can sign up for their “Bev Club” to have product shipped each month {and save money in doing so via their discount} and I love that they are a company out of Venice, California “Made by Chicks” with hilarious product marketing and great social media.  Each 4-pack of cans is about $20-25/each.

  1. Billie Razor:  I do not take the coveted #1 spot on my list lightly when I tell you to not walk but RUN to your phone to purchase this razor, y’all. This award winning razor is so amazing because it is effectively a subscription razor service that ships razors and/or blades to your home at whatever frequency you need and you never have to worry about forgetting to add razor cartridges to your H-E-B list ever again! I set my subscription up to receive new blades every 2 months and each time they arrive I think to myself how nice it is that they just arrive and I don’t even have to think about it. The Billie “razor starter kit” is only $9 {with free shipping!} and includes a razor handle, 2 blades and a magnetic shower holder that is truly amazing. Then each blade refill contains 4 blades and is also only $9 {with free shipping!}. You can’t get blades of this quality that cheap in stores, period. I do have to warn you that the videos on their website are kinda gross in my opinion but highly effective in showing the performance of their product!  HA!

So there you have it – my most favorite quarantine purchases. Hopefully at least one of them will be useful to you as well and if so, you have to promise to share your review with a girlfriend or two to keep the cycle going.

What have some of your best quarantine purchases been over the past year? Sound off below!

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