When Traditional Schooling Just Doesn’t Work

Please Note :: After receiving questions and concerns from Houston area mamas about traditional schooling and options in our area, we decided to head straight to the experts – our friends and local sponsors at Fusion Academy.  Below they have provided insight and resources on what to do when traditional schooling just doesn’t work as well as a real life testimonial from one of their current students too!

It’s the beginning of the school year. Things can be stressful – getting the kids up on time, making sure their lunches are packed {and that they actually remember them}, and all the other things the beginning of the school year brings.

You’re doing your best, and you have to admit, you’re doing a pretty darn good job. But then something is different this year. Your child is stressed, they have too much homework, and you don’t feel like they’re getting the attention they should be in class. They’re acting differently, and you feel like you’re losing your kid.

What do you do?

Perhaps you’re raising a professional dancer or a young entrepreneur or athlete that needs a schedule more flexible than the traditional Monday -Friday, 8 am to 3 pm classroom schedule.

What are your options? Do you have any?

Dyslexia and ADHD/ADD are a real thing and the challenges are even more real {trust me, I know the ADHD side of things all too well}.  Classrooms keep getting bigger, and the support kids are getting seems to be decreasing. Have you thought that maybe your child needs something different than traditional schools are offering? Well, there are different school options available for kids who may struggle in a traditional classroom or just need something more flexible than the typical school. In fact, one option is right here in Houston, right in our own backyard — Fusion Academy.

At Fusion, each classroom is one-to-one. Yes, you read that right :: one student and one teacher per classroom. This provides individualized and personalized attention with a teacher that also serves as a mentor. Fusion Academy currently serves as a private middle school and high school, but it’s so much more than that. Fusion is a community of learning that puts relationships first to help kids flourish emotionally, socially, and academically. 

There is no homework at Fusion Academy.  No homework? Say what? As a result of the intimate student to teacher ratio, Fusion Academy students do not take work home to finish.  The work is all done on campus, along side a professional who can provide assistance and guidance if needed.

Meet Clarissa! Clarissa is a student at Fusion Academy.  Clarissa’s mom faced many concerns when her daughter was starting her junior year of high school. Knowing she needed to find the right environment for Clarissa was essential for her daughter’s emotional and academic success. Clarissa was starting to withdraw and was bogged down with high school pressures.  As a result, Clarissa was struggling with extreme anxiety.


When asked why she loved Fusion, Clarissa stated, “I can cope with my anxiety because there is no stress with taking homework home. The teachers care about my well-being and hold me accountable by being consistent.”

Clarissa has found a haven in her art class at Fusion Academy. Her teacher encourages creativity, and Clarissa says, “I don’t feel like a failure because I am allowed to express myself through drawing and music.” The Houston campus encourages the students’ enrichment in creative arts by providing and allowing the students access to the following…

  •  state of the art music recording studio
  • a robust art program and
  • a meditation/yoga room to provide an opportunity for the student’s enrichment in creative arts.

At Fusion Academy, “I can cope with my anxiety” and “I am allowed to express myself through drawing and music.” – current Fusion Academy student

If you are worried a one-to-one environment may not be ideal for the college readiness that many high school students need, then rest assured. Fusion also provides tutoring for SAT and ACT prep with personalized instruction. Clarissa is even able to customize her experience at Fusion to prepare for her postsecondary success. “I actually talk to my teachers about colleges, what I can do to get ready, and the admissions process,” says Clarissa. Adding, “I am taking a wellness course to make sure I develop healthy habits before I go to college.”


The Wellness Program rounds out the academic experience with opportunities to develop personal growth in four different elements :: Health Habits, Music Expression, Physical Wellness, and Art Expression. The program is designed to expose students to a range of methods for coping with stressors and improving quality of life. Now at Fusion, Clarissa is not only surviving her junior year, but she is also thriving.

Imagine how different school could be with a class size of just one. Imagine a world with no homework, because of the one-to-one ratio all homework is done on campus.  If you have a middle school or high school student who feels that traditional school just isn’t working for them, Fusion Academy might make a great fit.

More details about Fusion Academy and their Houston Galleria campus can be found here. Or even better, you can learn more about Fusion Academy on Saturday, October 10th at 10:00 am during the Health and Wellness Expo.  Visit this page for more information and to reserve your spot today.

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are proud to partner with Fusion Academy to share alternatives and options for traditional schooling.


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