Get Moving this Spring:: Why Athlete Training and Health is the Place to Be

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There’s no doubt that pandemic life flipped everything upside down. Routines were altered, schedules in chaos, and just an overall sense of lethargy. And if you’re like me, your regular work outs went out the proverbial window as well. I faithfully attended a gym for the better part of 5 years but when the world shut down, my desire to get my sweat on did too.

But now? Y’all, it’s time to get back at it. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Athlete Training and Health {ATH} in Katy to try out a class recently and it was JUST what I needed to get my rear back in gear.

Here’s why you should check it out too… and psssttt, you are going to want to scroll to the bottom to find out how you can get a FREE week of training!

Science-Backed Programming & Individualized Coaching

Athlete Training and Health offers 5 unique training programs tailored for performance, fitness, and optimized health needs of each individual athlete–backed by science and guaranteed to deliver sustainable results. What I loved the most was all performance coaches have degrees in Kinesiology, Strength and Conditioning or an exercise related field. This is what they DO, and they do it well. And speaking of coaching… I think a lot of times we worry about going to the gym and not knowing what to do and feeling out of place. There was zero of that. The coaches were great about being really specific with directions and then carefully watching and gently correcting. Also important to point out that a huge part of their job is to modify/scale {also known as regress and progress} to your abilities. Can’t do a push-up? No worries! There’s a regression for that to help increase your strength and get you to the point where eventually you will do that push-up. 

Group Training Sessions

This is where my former soccer player self thrives. I love a group atmosphere setting for my workouts. The class was so encouraging and I so need that competitive drive to push me to my limits. There’s definitely that feeling of “we’re all in this together” – and I think signing up regularly with your same group class provides a level of accountability that you just cannot have on your own. I know I’m more likely to show up if my friend from class is expecting me. I don’t want to let them down, and honestly, I’ve never regretted a workout – only have regretted the ones I’ve missed.

Get Moving this Spring:: Why Athlete Training & Health is the Place to BeClass Schedule

Truly scheduling is where rubber meets the road for Houston parents. As a busy mom to twin 10 year olds and business owner, I need a facility that will work with my schedule. Athlete Training and Health offers Forever ATHlete {basically what they call Adult} classes throughout the day from 5am up until 6:30pm. No excuses not to be able to get into class for sure. Man, I don’t love that 4:00am wake up call but I crave the feeling of getting my day started off on the right foot.

Bonus:: Many of their afternoon Student ATHlete classes {for ages 8-18} run simultaneously with the adult programming. So if your child is enrolled in one of their performance classes, designed to increase their speed, strength, agility and more, you can get your workout in too! Optimizing time is always a mom win in my book.

World Class Facility 

Which brings me to my next point. Y’all, ATH is huge – so even if your child is working out at the same time, you likely won’t embarrass them because there is just that much space. I was incredibly impressed with the multi-purpose turf training field where a lot of the agility and core movements take place. My body definitely let me know the next day that I spent a lot of time doing sprints on that field. Equally impressive were the top notch weight training areas, one for adult fitness and one for sports performance. Having lifted for a few years now, I can spot high quality equipment immediately and this was the real deal. 

Safety Procedures

While clearly our world is opening up, safety and cleanliness is still incredibly important especially in a gym facility. The instructors remain masked at all times during your session and members may wear their masks too if they so choose. Adequate space was kept between all class participants and we all did our part at the end of each functional segment to clean off our equipment. There are massive sanitizing wipe buckets everywhere throughout the gym, so you can always readily access when needed. There is enough room to spread out and class sizes aren’t too large which helps to maintain safety protocols like social distancing.

I was so impressed with my day at Athlete Training and Health and thankful for just the prodding I needed to get back in the gym. I can honestly say it was a fantastic workout, and my legs did scream at myself a bit the next couple of days. I’ve missed that feeling, and that of being sweaty and red-faced knowing that I gave it my best for an hour of “me” time. To check out more from my day there, see this video with Coach Lana which we taped right after the class {thus the sweat was legit!}

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