4 Ingredients for a Great Girls Night

Houston Moms is proud to partner with Bowl & Barrel Houston to share how moms can plan a great girls night out with their friends.

group of women having a great girls night out at Bowl & Barrel HoustonWhen was the last time you got together with a group of girlfriends for a night out, free from the stress and responsibilities of motherhood? The past two years have left us lacking in the area of in-person friendship, and it’s time to make up for lost time! If you are out of practice in the art of planning time away for you and your friends, Houston Moms has you covered with 4 ingredients for a great girls night.

Building Your Tribe

group selfieOf course, the most important ingredient of a great girls night is the people! Sometimes, the group getting together is already built, such as your coworkers or childhood friends. But other times, you’ll want to invite people to go out from different circles in your life. This is a great way to mix up group dynamics and cultivate new friendships. It’s important that the girls in your group mesh well, but it’s always better to err on the side of inclusivity than not inviting someone and risk hurt feelings later.

If the moms in your group don’t know each other well or at all, it may help to do virtual introductions ahead of time on text or social media. That way, everyone feels a little more comfortable when you all meet face to face.

Picking a Date

two women pose at Houston Bowl & BarrelProbably the hardest part of executing a great girls night is the initial picking of a date to meet up. The more people you are dealing with, the harder it is to find a date and time that works for everyone involved.

Moms are busy, so chances are, someone in your group is going to have a conflict. But, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. Get on a group text or Facebook messenger group, throw out some dates, and pick the one that works for most of your people. You could even create an event on Facebook and do a poll to easily see which dates are the most popular. Then decide on a date, and don’t feel guilty when not all of your friends can make it. Those that have conflicts can catch the next one. 

Much as we may love spontaneity, when dealing with moms, this isn’t always the best strategy when planning for a great girls night. Try and plan far enough in advance that your girlfriends have time to hire a babysitter or ensure their partner is going to be home to be with their kids.

Choosing a Location

three women pose for a picture during girls nightLocation, location, location. Nothing makes or breaks a great girls night like the place you choose to spend your evening. The atmosphere is everything- are you looking for a quiet restaurant where you can have deep conversations for hours? Are amazing food and drinks your main priority? Or are you looking for a place where you can relax, laugh, and maybe do an activity while you catch up with your friends?

There are so many wonderful options for a great girls night in Houston, such as Bowl & Barrel in CityCentre. Bowl & Barrel is not your average bowling alley. Houston Moms contributor team recently spent an evening at Bowl & Barrel and it was the perfect location for our large group. We ate amazing food and drank wine while we laughed and caught up with each other. Then, we put on our bowling shoes and knocked over pins while cheering each other on. The staff at Bowl & Barrel was friendly and accommodating and despite our numbers, our food and drink orders came out perfectly and quickly.

Prioritizing Food and Drink

giant pretzel on board with saucesNext to the people you’ll spend your evening with, food and drink rank highest in importance for a great girls night. Especially for moms, who are probably tired of the usual dinner rotation or microwaved dino nuggets, a unique and tasty menu is key.

When you are planning, try and pick a location that has a diverse and affordable menu so that each woman in your group can find something she likes. Don’t forget to check for dietary restrictions and ensure the place you are going can accommodate those who are gluten-free, have food allergies, etc.

Bowl & Barrel has a menu that is perfect for a great girls night. They have an extensive selection of appetizers and boards for groups to share, as well as beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages.

group selfie of 4 womenOkay moms, are you inspired to plan a great girls night for you and your tribe? Gather your girlfriends, book your sitter, plan the perfect outfit, and get a date on the calendar!

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