A Quick & Easy Night by Night Hanukkah Gift Guide

I never thought the age old question “What do you get someone who already has everything?” would apply to my three-year old, but here we are. I was completely stumped as to how I was going to fill eight nights of Hanukkah with creative gifts, so I decided to break it down and come up with some sort of formula. My hope is that by sticking to this guide, I’ll be able to keep the gift giving at bay {at least a little bit}. I decided each night would have some sort of theme, as opposed to just giving random toys. My brain works much better when things are cut and dry and user friendly, so I put a lot of consideration into each night. That equation, after much thought and editing, finally looks something like this. {Feel free to rearrange the nights, they’re interchangeable!} So without further adieu, here is your quick and easy night by night Hanukkah gift guide ::

Hannukah Gift Guide

Night One >>> Craft Night

Why :: Kids love crafts, and they love to make messes. I, however, don’t love messes, so crafts aren’t as common in our home as they could be.

What :: This gift can be any sort of craft set that allows the child to be creative. Bonus points if it’s something that can be contained and doesn’t involve tons of supplies!

Night Two >>> Pajama Night

Why :: It’s definitely something that kids need, it’s not more junk in the playroom, and you can have a little fun with it!

What :: My daughter doesn’t typically wear character clothes during the day, but with pajamas she has free rein. I have purchased her current favorites {Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol} and will throw in some matching slippers.  Although, I’m also partial to monogrammed jammies from The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe {seen above} too.

Night Three >>> Bedtime Necessities

Why :: Again, it isn’t junk, and we are always in need of extra sheet sets.

What :: I stuck with the character favorites for this one and added a throw blanket to match. Anything to make her bed more enticing!

Night Four >>> Books

Why :: Pretty self-explanatory. We are trying to provide a literacy-enriched environment for our kiddo, and she loves to “read” books!

What :: I asked her teachers what books they read on a regular basis in class and which ones she seems to gravitate towards. I purchased these so that she has her own copies at home.

Night Five >>> Candy

Why :: You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn’t love candy! It’s inexpensive, and you know they’ll enjoy the special indulgence.

What :: My daughter has recently discovered Pez Dispensers, so we purchased a few to wrap up as a gift. It doesn’t have to be Pez, but something collectible or with a theme that your kid is into is sure to be a unique treat.

Night Six >>> Bath Fun

Why :: Bath toys have become the only way to get my toddler voluntarily into the bath, so we might as well run with it!

What :: Bath crayons or finger paints are the best! The mess stays in the tub, there is little or no clean up, and it keeps her in the bath as long as I need to get her clean. Everyone wins!

Night Seven >>> Puzzles

Why :: Puzzles are a great way to work on motor skills, they require problem solving, and makes your little ones think.

What :: We haven’t graduated to more complicated puzzles yet, but she loves the ones with larger, cardboard pieces.

Night Eight >>> Big Toy

Why :: Let’s be honest, she wasn’t going to make it through the holiday without one large toy she’s bound to be obsessed with!

What :: This year, it’s the Barbie Pop-Up Camper. Truth be told, it was a Black Friday purchase made by my husband. She has a huge dollhouse, so this is just the perfect addition, and I know she’s going to love it! And also? How cute is it that Daddy picked it out all by himself! Major props to hubby!

If you’re still stumped, turn to our shopHTX holiday gift guide, or Jenn has a great post for non traditional gifts and Andrea has an overflowing list of non-toy gift ideas too! Don’t forget – the first candle is lit the evening of December 6th!

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  1. I love this guide Jill! I’ve been thinking about creative ways to do thoughtful but practical gifts this year! I also added in a night of donating a gift instead of receiving. My kids are a little young to understand it possibly but I am hoping it because a long lasting tradition!


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