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The past two school years have proven to be extra challenging for some students. The classroom changes and distractions brought forth in 2020, many parents are noticing their kids have fallen a bit behind. 

My kids were homeschooled last year, and we reluctantly continued the homeschooling journey this year as well. 

Most days are great. 

Some days are not. 

The amount of focus it takes to learn in your home setting, where you play, laugh, sleep and eat, definitely throws a wrench in our plans sometimes. And there are definitely days that I doubt my children are academically where they need to be. 

Whether your kids are in school, virtual learning, homeschooling or some kind of hybrid that fits your families needs, you may notice that your kids need a little more attention. 

Thank goodness for GoPeer!

The GoPeer Approach

The 1:1 online tutoring experience GoPeer provides is perfect for students who need personalized attention. The qualified undergraduate college students who work with GoPeer are verified to ensure safety, so they can be trusted with students. And each tutor has experience in a tutoring setting, guaranteeing preparedness to provide the best academic support! 

Huge selling points for this mama!

Plus, it’s super quick and easy to sign up and pair up with a tutor to fit your students needs. I registered on the website in about 5 mins, and within another 5 mins, I was matched with 3 qualified tutors willing to work with my son, who needs a little help with math and reading. 

GoPeer’s tutors have experience in an array of subjects. With over 150 subjects to choose from, GoPeer’s got your student covered. 

For my son, we were able to choose a tutor that would help him with the subjects he’s struggling with from a pool of 12 tutors who could help. 

Does your student have a huge exam or aptitude test coming up? GoPeer can help with that too! You can find a tutor who specializes in test prep with ease. 

Suffice it to say, GoPeer’s approach to a tailored academic helping hand is exactly what I’d hoped for, and I know lots of other mamas would agree. 

Affordable, Flexible Help

One thing that steered me away from getting my son some extra help with his math was the potential cost associated with a tutor. I was able to push aside the feeling of defeat that 3rd grade math had dished out, but the money I thought I’d have to shell out… the idea hurt. 

But with GoPeer, I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank! At $20 per hour after a free trial, my son is able to get quality tutoring at a price I can afford as a single parent!

So, here’s the big thing about GoPeer that really sealed the deal for me: it is insanely easy to connect and schedule a session with an amazing tutor. 

I connected with Samantha, a student from the University of Austin, who seemed like a great fit for Oliver. She and I chatted for a bit and she enthusiastically offered a 15-min introduction. After she and Oliver discussed his needs and how she could help him, I was excited to get started with his first full session. 

Young boy pointing to GoPeer screen on laptopI don’t have much free time in my schedule. While working from home, homeschooling and taking care of the needs of my three boys, my time is valuable and scarce. I was worried that setting up a tutoring session for my son would take up time I didn’t have, however scheduling a session was so easy and took no time at all. The app and online portals are simple and user friendly! You just click on the dates and times you want to schedule your session, and that’s it! Easy! My 3rd grader could have done it himself if we’re honest.

For GoPeer to meet all of my financial needs along with being easy to set up and use, I have to rave about it. Such a rare find!

Absolute Lifesaver

My son, Oliver, has a short attention span, and he really struggles to stay motivated. Homeschooling, while the right choice for our family, overall, has had quite a few hiccups simply because of his personality.

I had my doubts about GoPeer and any tutor we may try on for size. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to keep his attention and meet his needs.

His tutor, Samantha, has made math and reading much more fun for him. When she pops into the virtual classroom to work with Oliver, she always has a great attitude and is ready to help.

Oliver asked Samantha to help him better understand borrowing when subtracting double digit numbers. Instead of doing the step-by-step process I’d attempted when teaching him, Samantha made a fun game out of the process.

Essentially, it was exactly what I was doing in our home classroom; but she managed to spin it with an attention grabbing analogy about a silly little monkey stealing bananas from his neighbor, and that nudged Oliver into understanding the process better.

Such a simple way to reframe what he was having difficulty with, and now, he gets it!

I am so in love with GoPeer and the amazing tutors it offers my little learner that I may sign my kindergartner up for a little help with letter recognition as well.

With the help of GoPeer, homeschooling is that much more manageable and that much less stressful everyday!

Young boy smiling while he works on laptopVisit gopeer.org to learn more and use the promo code “citymom20” to receive a 7-day trial and a $20 credit toward tutoring services!

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