How School Breakfasts Make Healthy Kids and Happy Moms

We are proud to join Houston moms in celebrating School Breakfast Week.

School Breakfasts, I Salute You!

You guys, this week is National School Breakfast Week, That may not seem noteworthy, but as a mom who counts it a miracle when we can get out the door in time for school,  I just want to take a precious moment to honor school breakfasts. You see, breakfast actually sets the trajectory for the day my kids will have. I know how important it is to eat a healthy breakfast, but when our mornings are filled with cries of “Where are your shoes?!” and “Why don’t you have pants on?!”, sometimes the best we can muster is a bowl of sugar cereal or a grab-and-go toaster pastry before darting out the door. And, honestly, that just doesn’t cut it.

I don’t know about your little people but my kids depend on full bellies to have happy hearts, and hangry doesn’t begin to describe the Mr. Hyde that comes out of my sweet angels when they have skipped a good meal. Not to mention,  the quality of my children’s breakfasts {or lack thereof} affects their ability to focus in school, their temperament in the classroom, and thereby affects the quality of the classroom environment. It’s a big deal! This is why I pay my respects to school breakfasts and the many ways they are benefitting my children. 

Here’s the Facts

There are kids all over Houston who are headed to school on an empty stomach or full on empty calories. For some, it’s a crazy schedule. For others, it’s simply that there isn’t food in the pantry at home, or that the only affordable food is highly processed and lacking in nutritional value. Both of these situations negatively impact a child’s academic performance, ability to concentrate and comprehend material, behavior in the classroom, and overall health and wellness. That’s why the School Nutrition Association (SNA), recognized as the authority on school nutrition, is working diligently with school districts across the country, and right here in Houston, to plan and prepare meals that will not only feed students’ bodies, but fuel their minds as well. Additionally, the SNA has worked to provide these nutritious lunches at an affordable cost to all families across the economic spectrum {free and reduced meals are available for a families with certain household income levels}. 

Not Your Mama’s School Breakfasts

As a society we took a downward turn in healthy eating when processed became prized, canned became coveted, and easy was everywhere {even, or especially, in our school cafeterias}. But federal nutrition standards are turning this back around in our schools, providing opportunities for our kids to have nutritious choices for breakfast like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein while staying away from high calorie foods packed with unhealthy fats and sodium. Check out some of the great options offered in Spring ISD! Kids can take their pick of fresh fruits, salads, yogurt parfaits, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, sausage kolaches, healthy muffins and more! 

Here’s the Benefits

As a partaker of school breakfasts, here are some of the benefits I have seen::

  • We are at school on time more often than not. Without the added task in the morning, we leave the house more quickly and with less stress.
  • My kids have improved attitudes in the classroom. They are more willing to learn, more positive about their abilities, and generally happier in class.
  • They are making better grades. Yes, this is real. Fueling my kids with healthy food has made a difference in their ability to focus and perform at school.
  • I’m a happy mom. Knowing my kids are getting a nutritious breakfast provides me with some peace and the guilt of the sugar is gone. 

So, again I say:: I salute you, school breakfasts! Parents, take the plunge and invest in happier, healthier mornings for you and your children. You won’t regret it!

Happy National School Breakfast Week! 

For more information on National School Breakfast Week, the School Nutrition Association, or for fun daily activities, info  on new healthy menu items and fun breakfast programs being implemented in schools check out the Tray Talk blog and the Tray Talk Facebook page. National School Breakfast Week 2020 resources are made possible in part by Kellogg’s sponsorship. 

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