How To Take a Picture of Kids

How To Take a Picture of Kids

A picture says a thousand words. As moms we don’t have time to write a thousand words, so we take pictures instead. Lots and lots of pictures. To capture those sweet moments so we can look back and treasure them always. I love taking pictures of my girls, even though at times it is nearly impossible to get them to stay still. But it can be done, my friends. Just grab your camera and follow these 5 easy steps.

How to Take a Picture of Kids

Step 1

Announce you are going to take a picture. Set your expectations high. This is going to be awesome.

Tip :: Look through Pinterest for inspiration. See? Thousands of perfectly posed kids. How hard can this be?


Step 2

Repeat announcement upward of 15 times with little to no response from participants.

Step 3

Position everyone for the picture. For added challenge, make sure at least one of the participants cannot sit up on their own yet. Bribe with chocolate if needed.


Tip :: If any of the participants are unwilling or attempt to escape, simply pick them up and return them to their proper location. Kids respond well to this.


Step 4

Shoot away! If you don’t get the shot you are hoping for, just keep trying. Kids love repetition so keep at it.

Tip :: Have additional adults on hand for assistance. The following roles are suggested – 1 photographer, 1 back-up photographer, 1 “herder”, 2-3 silly face-makers, 1 safety supervisor, and 1 overall coordinator.


Step 5

Sit back and admire your work. It’s just like you pictured in your head. Except not everyone is smiling. Or looking. Or in the frame. But hey, there is always Photoshop!



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