Kids Corona Confessions:: Isabella R.

What do you know about the Coronavirus?

There’s a “birus” going on. It can get ugly. Some people get sick because they get close to someone who is sick. I don’t want to get sick.

Because of the virus what have we done differently?

We don’t leave the house anymore and we stay home so we won’t get sick. We have to wash our hands a lot too because there’s a “birus” out there (pointing outside).

How does the virus make you feel?

I’m not excited about the “birus”. It doesn’t feel good.

What is the first thing you want to do when we don’t have to stay at home anymore?

I really want to go to the mall to go shopping. I can go to the toy stores and mommy can go to the fancy stores.

Isabella is a 4yr old preschooler that loves to play with her LEGOs, eat ice cream & shop at Target. She recently moved to Houston and lives with her mommy, Elizabeth & her daddy, Sam. She enjoys painting, working on crafts and is an excellent mess-maker. She’s daddy’s princess and mommy’s best friend.

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Elizabeth R
Elizabeth is an RGV girl, born and raised, who moved to Houston {January 2020} with her little family. She was a writer for the RGV Moms Blog for years and is now a part of the Houston team. She shares her heart and home with a 5 year old tiny teenager named Isabella Samantha {September 2015}, a baby girl on the way {April 2021} and her loving husband, Samuel. She majored in Public Relations at UT Pan American in Edinburg, Texas, now known as UTRGV. After a few short years working for a hospital’s marketing department after graduation, she found her calling and completed an alternative certification program to begin teaching. She loves working with children and hopes that by being in the classroom, she can make a difference. Elizabeth has been teaching little ones for 13 years now, ranging from 6 year olds to recently 6 month olds. She still finds time to write/blog in her free time as a form of stress reliever. She hopes to publish a SciFi book one day, as her dreams always tend to lean towards the supernatural. Which is why she loves to sleep so much! She enjoys online shopping, thrifting, scrapbooking and binge watching Netflix shows in her pajamas. In the short time she’s been living in Houston she’s come to realize that she HATES the traffic, LOVES the diversity and REALLY misses her momma back home.


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