Kids Corona Confessions:: Dregon R.

The world was not made to shut down. We’ve got through many things like this. I miss school. And I miss everything being normal. I hope that everything is back to normal soon. Being at home with my family makes me happy. But not being at school makes me also not happy.

I’m sorry for all the people that are sick and have lost family members. I’m sad for the restaurants like my daddys that can’t serve people anymore. I heard there are people getting better and that is good. There are tests that are starting to get information to doctors on what they need to do. They are brave.

I like playing with legos and riding bikes during this time. I made my own instagram account and it’s for cooking. Mama helps me and I like cooking with her. I wish people could try my food but I will wait until corona virus is over. My family likes it. But I want to share it with all of Texas.

Dregon R. is an eight year old boy in second grade. He loves to do science experaments. Also learn about space and cook. He is a brother to two siblings. If you want to follow him on instagram you can go to @lilomnivore. That is all.





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Rebecca R
Rebecca is a born and raised Houstonian. She is married to her best friend {Doug} and has 3 crazy, but amazing kids, Dregon {2011}, Desmond {2015}, and Della {2018}. The youngest of which is the only girl and her brothers have lovingly dubbed her the queen. Rebecca graduated from the University of Houston with a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has worked on the training side of the restaurant business for years and loves it! Hospitality is her love language and you can ask her anything about food because she is a foodie that loves to cook. She's often referred to by her friends and family as the cheerleader and hype girl for any situation. Read more of her work on The Little Roses or find her on Instagram @littlerosesblog.


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