Kids Corona Confessions:: Toby Y.

I think that Corona is a bully. It’s pushing every country around by hurting their economy and population. It’d like a middle school 8th grader bullying a 6th grader. It’s rude and mean and merciless.

It’s separating families and taking jobs away.

But we hope that soon a vaccine will be created, and stand up to Corona. The vaccine will rebuild everything Corona has destroyed. While the vaccine is not here yet, we must wait and hope.

We will not let it take the best of us. We must hold out through the pandemic and rely on doctors. One day this monster will be gone. Peace will return to countries. But, we must stay prepared. We must focus on this first. Stay safe fellow Houstonians.

Toby Yip is ten years old and in the fourth grade. He is an expert at video games and a beginning Youtuber. He’s currently into the Wings of Fire book series. He plays basketball in the Fall and Baseball in the Spring. Lately he has been riding his bike a lot with his younger sister and brother.





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