Lazy Mother’s Day: Should This Even Be a Thing?

woman lies on couch with eyes closedToday is National Lazy Mother’s Day and I’m not sure how I feel about this “national holiday”. First, let’s look at what lazy means according to our good friend Merriam-Webster.

Lazy [ˈlāzē]

Adjective meaning:

  1. Unwilling to work or use energy
  2. Characterized by a lack of effort or activity
  3. Showing a lack of effort or care

Given this definition of lazy my first gut, knee-jerk reaction is a huge, Hell No! The word lazy has such a negative connotation and no wonder why. Its definition is all about not caring and not putting in effort. Do you know a single mother who would want (or even should) define themselves as lazy? I don’t! Lazy is not a word I would ever use to describe myself or any other mother I know. Exhausted, frustrated, tired (just to name a few of the less desirable ones) – yes. But lazy? Definitely not! So, is this “holiday” telling me to celebrate the fact that I am a lazy mom or to embrace being a lazy mom? Either way, I don’t like it.

I then decided to put aside my initial judgments to the side and do a little more digging into the meaning behind this “holiday”. The holiday is not about celebrating moms who are defined as “lazy” (probably because, as stated, before there are none). It is about giving mothers a day to have a break and relax. This I can at least get on board with. At least sort of.

Lazy Mother’s Day: PROS

Let’s face it. Being a mom is no easy task. It is not for the weak or more accurately, the lazy. Day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals to planning social calendars to coordinating pickup/drop offs, the job never ends. And we haven’t even started discussing all the emotional support or other out of the home jobs that moms take on. It’s a 24/7 job and it’s exhausting. Adding another day to celebrate the hard work that mommying is sounds like a win to me. We can all use (and deserve) a break from time to time.

In that respect, Lazy Mother’s Day is a chance for moms to kick up their feet, relax, and let others do the dirty work (literally and figuratively). Mom’s day off? As in no cooking, no cleaning, no poopy diapers, no getting up early with the kids? I’ll take it! After all, who am I to turn day a free day of luxury. Therefore, if Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mom, Lazy Mother’s Day is a day to allow moms a chance to be lazy.  Sounds good in theory.

Lazy Mother’s Day: CONS

While the concept is well intentioned, it’s missing the point. While I appreciate that it acknowledges the heavy workload that mothers carry, it calls attention to a larger issue. Why do we always assume, or think it is okay, for moms to be doing all the heavy lifting? I mean, I bet there isn’t a Lazy Father’s Day. Does that mean dads don’t need an excuse to kick back and relax while moms do? I don’t think so! In truth, no one should need an excuse or holiday to allow for that. Everyone deserves an opportunity to relax, take a break, and recenter themselves. We shouldn’t need a special occasion to allow us that. Instead, it should be a basic part of taking care of ourselves and our family. A rejuvenated and rested parent equals a better (and likely happier) parent.

So will I be celebrating Lazy Mother’s Day? – Possibly. But it won’t just be on September 1st. And it certainly will not be because I am lazy.

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Elyssa Gottheim
Elyssa was born and raised in Houston. Deciding to try out life in the cold weather, Elyssa attended University of Michigan for undergrad and University of Chicago for grad school. After obtaining her LCSW {licensed clinical social worker}, Elyssa decided that she was not cut out for the cold and moved back to Houston in 2012. Shortly after her move, Elyssa met her husband, Paul. Elyssa and Paul have been married for 6 years and have two children – Henry {October 2018} and Josephine {March 2021}. After working in schools, hospitals, and community clinics, Elyssa currently has a private practice where she specializes in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and parents. When she isn’t working or chasing after her kids, Elyssa’s favorite activities can be described as the ultimate mom cliché – baking, working out, and napping. Elyssa is a huge fan of trying new restaurants and dining spots especially if it involves any form of dessert!


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