Let’s Get Musical with Prelude Music! {Recap}

Please Note :: This play date would not have been possible without all of our fantastic event sponsors. Thank you to Prelude Music Classes for Children for putting on such a wonderful play date, and thank you to Momma’s Gonna SNAP Photography for all of the beautiful images seen below!

Earlier this month, we had the absolute pleasure of hosting a play date with our dear friends at Prelude Music, and we have to say – it was an absolute blast!  There were SO many things to love about this play date and the activities and fun involved, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top five in an effort to keep it somewhat brief.  Ready?  Here goes…

Prelude Music Play Date - 1

1. We loved, loved, loved the overall class style!  The team of teachers at Prelude implement a very special, research-based program called Music Together® in which the whole family makes music…well…together.  From the moment we walked into the classroom to the moment we skipped out the door, both the parents and the babies and the big kids were all singing, dancing, and playing instruments as one.  It created the most magical experience and one that we won’t soon forget.

Prelude Music Play Date - 2

2.  We loved how they taught music and movement in such a fun and natural way.  Silly songs and buckets of instruments helped our kiddos explore rhythm and tempo and all different music elements without even realizing that they were learning as they played!  Even the littlest of babies were moving their bodies to the music, and the big kids were following instructions and calling out musical terminology that they grasped from just that one class.  Imagine how much a child could learn if they took a full session!

Prelude Music Play Date - 3

3.  We loved what a special time it was for us to unplug and reconnect with our little ones.  Throughout the class, the only focus in the room was being in the moment with our kiddos.  There were no distractions, no lengthy to do lists, no telephones ringing.  It was just us, our sweet babes, and music filling the air.  I’m not sure about the other mamas, but my kiddos were covering me in hugs and kisses the entire time – and it was so obvious how much they cherished that time where I was completely honed in on them.

Prelude Music Play Date - 4

4.  We loved that Prelude didn’t just stop with the music.  After our play date, the sweet staff at Prelude filled our bellies with yummy and healthy snacks that the kiddos {and moms!} gobbled up.  It is evident that they are dedicated to nourishing the whole child and that their philosophy extends well beyond musical growth.  Which of course, is icing on the cake.  {Pun intended.}

5.  We love that their doors are always open and that they have so much to offer.  They want you to come in and try out a class for free, or register for a full session, or even teach your husband how to play the guitar.  Prelude is dedicated to our community and has so many classes and events to offer, and we were oh-so-glad to have discovered them and to share them with our friends and followers as well!

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