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Holidays in Houston

There’s no denying it – the holidays are totally and completely upon us.  And while I am submersing myself in all things red and green and so super excited to see this magical season through my little ones’ eyes…I have to tell you, I am also overwhelmed and already feeling quite stressed.  You see, for some odd reason my December calendar only has 31 days on it, and my list of to-dos is totaling in the gazillions.  Between appointments, parties, and events around town, my little family is BOOKED.  And keeping everyone included and on top of all of these things?  Forget about it!  I am constantly calling my husband or texting my mom or Facebooking my friends.  We can’t ever seem to all get on the same schedule, and most of our well laid plans end up in a flop.  That is…until I was introduced to Living Tree.

When I tell you that Living Tree has changed my life and revolutionized the way my family lives, I am in no way exaggerating.  It has taken our lives from this…

Holidays in Houston - Old

To this…

Holidays in Houston - Calendar

Pretty, isn’t it?  But it’s what is going on behind the platform that is the amazing part.  Living Tree was built BY parents, FOR parents with a goal to ease the burden of coordinating and communicating school events, little league games, family gatherings, etc, etc, etc… so that we can spend more time actually enjoying our families and less time on logistics and stress.  So how perfect was it that I discovered this fantastic program during the most stressful time of…the…year!  I decided to throw out the December calendar that was hanging up in my kitchen and overflowing with commitments and big ideas, and I transferred everything to this amazing all-in-one program.  Notifications were sent to my husband when I wanted him to be included {date nights, fun holiday happenings} while I kept other events confidential and only for my eyes {shopping trips, mani/pedis}.  And then guess what happened…I started receiving notifications from him!  Work mixers, business meetings, all of the things he forgets to tell me about until the last minute when I already have dinner on the stove and two fussy kids. I was skeptical as to whether or not he would join me in planning out our lives, but he totally saw the value in it.  And now we are conquering this busy time of year one day at a time together!

Told you that it was life changing….oh, and did I mention that it is completely FREE?!?  And there is an app for both iPhone and Android users to make sure it’s accessible while you’re on the go.  Those folks over at Living Tree sure know how to appeal to us moms, don’t they?

So the calendar has to be this busy mama’s favorite part, but there are also lots of other fun features that I have been playing around with too.  Like the conversation feature which allows you to ‘like’ and comment on posts.  This is super fun when I schedule a not-so-fun activity, and I get comments from the hubs like – “nooo” or “do we have to??”  I also love the Memory Mixes you can create which allows you to upload media and share it with others.  I had so much fun uploading pics from our recent trip to the ranch and then sharing them with our extended family.  I got LOTS of ‘likes’ and positive interactions from those!

Holidays in Houston - Memory Mix

I would share more screenshots with you, but one of the absolute best parts of Living Tree is that it is totally confidential.  I only share what I want to share…and I only share it with who I want to share it with.  So as my Living Tree extends to my kiddo’s schools, play groups, little league teams…  I will know that no matter how big my network gets, my information and the items I post will always be controlled by me.

Living Tree connects everyone who help to raise and develop our children, and it provides a safe and private environment to build community.  I can already see myself coordinating class events as a room mom one day, assigning snacks for my son’s future baseball team, and sharing pictures and stories from neighborhood events for years to come.  It is a single place to coordinate everything on my overflowing plate, and I am so excited about the ease it provides and the time that it gives me back.  As a mom, I am always searching for ways to find just a few more minutes in every day.  And this program has finally helped me to find those!  Now I can stop stressing and obsessing over coordinating the calendar this busy holiday season and start spending more time with these two little bits of joy…

Holidays in Houston

And guess what…  We already have the first appointment for one lucky mama to add to her calendar on Living Tree!  Massage Envy Houston is giving away a one hour massage valid at any Houston area Massage Envy Spa.  How is that for helping to alleviate some of the holiday stress?  We are just doing our part to make this holiday season as enjoyable and fun as possible for all of you.  So enter to win below and then check back all month for more posts about how we as the Houston Moms Blog team are celebrating the ‘Holidays in Houston!’

This week we are giving one lucky reader ::

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Winner :: Melissa R.

[hr] Please Note :: While this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about Living Tree are proudly my own.

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