Lowering Your Electricity Bill Just Got Simpler

We are proud to partner with ElectricityPlans to help Houston moms save money on their electricity bills this summer.

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A few nights ago I lay in bed, trying to will myself to sleep and found myself tossing and turning, and then finally kicking off the covers. I realized the reason for my insomnia was I was uncomfortably hot. When I checked the thermostat, I groaned, as it was a full 10 degrees warmer than our set temperature. Not wanting to deal with it at the late hour {#exhausted}, I managed to fall asleep on top of the sheets, and then phoned an A/C repair service in the morning. Thankfully, it was a quick fix, but made me realize just how dependent we Houstonians are on air conditioning, especially in the summer. Air conditioning:: can’t live without it, but ouch, that electricity bill stings in the summer months.

Recently however, I discovered a service that makes that monthly electricity bill a little less painful. ElectricityPlans analyzes your current electricity usage and based on that data, identifies the company and plan that best suits your needs and will save you money. The best part? The service is completely FREE!

Shopping for Electricity is Necessary

Our electricity bill is our third most pricey monthly expense, after housing and car payments. This is typical of most families. And in the summer months, 50% or more of that bill results from cooling our home! With such a large chunk of  our monthly budget going to air conditioning, making sure we get the best deal out there is a huge priority for me. After all, I need all the extra cash I can possibly stash away to pay for summer camp, swim lessons, and the endless supply of snacks my kids consume during the day.

There are several services available that will compare plans and tell me my best choice, but most of them charge a $10 or $15 a month membership fee- $120-$180 a year! Look, I’m trying to save money, not add yet another charge to my credit card. So that’s why I’m so jazzed that ElectricityPlans doesn’t cost me a dime- to save me a lot of dollars.

Shopping for Electricity is Complicated

Listen, I consider myself fairly intelligent and I have good time management skills {with three kids 8 and under, this is a must}. But even with these advantages, the last thing I want to do is spend precious hours comparing the endless electricity plans out there. Ok, so maybe that’s a lie. The last thing I actually want to do is tackle this pile of laundry, but I digress. When I commit to an electric company, I really want straightforward pricing and no surprises on my electricity bill. Unfortunately, this seems to be somewhat of a unicorn in the electricity industry. Have you looked at your electricity bill lately? Prices aren’t always what they appear when you sign up, and you have to read the fine print to know exactly what you are getting. I’m almost 40- my eyes do not appreciate fine print. So why should I do something endlessly complicated tedious only to be more confused and probably wrong about the deal I’m actually being promised?

Thankfully, ElectricityPlans did that grunt work for me. They reviewed each of the plans and that sneaky fine print, and included a detailed, easy to understand breakdown of the rates. I could shop for basic electricity, or request plans offering 100% renewable energy, free electricity, and more. Then all I had to do was pick the plan that saves me the most based on that information.  I chose to use their PlanScan service {also completely free} that analyzed my current bill and gave me a custom recommendation on a plan. Easy peasy.

I was shocked when my PlanScan report arrived in my inbox, just a little over an hour after I uploaded my bill. It turns out, I am currently paying WAY more for electricity than I should be. ElectricityPlans gave me four custom recommendations that could save me up to 41% off my current bill. I’ll be on the phone switching companies first thing in the morning!

There’s More You Can Do to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Finding the best plan for my specific home and electricity needs is a great start to lowering my monthly bill. But with a little research, there are a few other changes I can make that are simple, but make a big difference in our electricity usage.

Change Your Filters

This is probably the easiest and cheapest thing I can do to save a few bucks, but somehow it always gets put on the back burner of household tasks. But after talking to my A/C repairman the other day and getting his recommendation for filters, I’ve put a reminder in my phone to change them out every 3 months. Look at me, adulting like a boss.

“Close the Door!”

Ok, fess up. Who else yells this approximately 432 times a day at their kids? Is it in kids’ DNA that they are biologically incapable of closing the door behind them when they enter or exit the house? Well, I’m going to keep yelling, and you should too, because the cooler your house is to begin with, the less energy you will have to use to cool it. Other things you can use to keep the heat out are window coverings, tinting, and landscaping bushes to block the sun from the windows.

Raise that Thermostat

We keep our house at a comfortable 73 degrees. But I had a face palm moment when I read that raising the temperature even 2 degrees can save 10% a year on the cooling portion of my electricity bill. What?! To be honest, I haven’t convinced my husband that living in a 75 rather than 73 degree house is worth the savings, but I’m working on it.

Ready or not, the Houston summer is upon us, and that means our air conditioners will be working overtime, and it will show on our electricity bills. But instead of holding your breath as you open that monthly bill, let ElectricityPlans take the guesswork and surprises away, and show you the best plan for your family that will save you money.

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