Tips and Tricks from a Diva Cup Mentor

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the water! Sounds fun, but for moms, all the water play can be dampened by our *special* monthly circumstances. I don’t know about you, but I hate the thought of having to change a tampon while struggling with a wet swimsuit in a questionably clean bathroom- bonus points if you’ve ever done that with your children in the bathroom with you. And so last year, I found a different solution and haven’t looked back since – the Diva Cup! However, my Diva Cup journey was a little, er, bumpy with a lot of blood, sweat and tears {literally}. Using a menstrual cup is a whole new skill and I relied on my friend Janelle to guide me. In case you don’t know someone who has traveled that road, allow me to be your Diva Cup Mentor so you too can enjoy the summer to its fullest!A photograph of a woman holding a Diva Cup carrying pouch.

Getting Started on Your Diva Cup Journey

Like any good student, I read the Diva Cup information pamphlet from start to finish before attempting to use it. There are two sizes and I got the one recommended for my sitch {a woman over the age of 30 who has had children and therefore presumably requires the bigger size – FINE}.

The instructions say to fold it before insertion and give two options, the “U Fold” and the “Push Down” fold::

I tried both and must lack the dexterity to simultaneously insert and release fold B because it never worked for me, but go ahead and try both to see what works for you. The instructions advise you not to insert it like a tampon but “horizontally” toward the rectum. Huh?!! I don’t know about you but my vagina has one direction. I could not tell if I was going up, down or sideways. I tried visualization, I tried different positions and then just gave up on “horizontal” and simply aimed to get ‘er in.

Meet Your New Diva Friend

A photograph of a woman holding a Diva Cup with a stem.There’s a “stem” on the Diva Cup and all menstrual cups. I really dislike that term but it is what it is. You use the stem to remove the Diva Cup. But here was my problem:: it always felt like the stem was hanging out which led to V.P. {Vagina Paranoia} – is mine so stretched that it can’t even hold a Diva Cup?!! Janelle told me, GO DEEP! So I shoved that sucker in as far as I could but as soon as I stood up, down it went, unable to resist gravity.

I used it like this for a couple months with not a little trepidation and insecurity. For example, my family went to Mexico over Christmas and had plans to go snorkeling. Of course, I got my period. I sent my husband and kids to breakfast so I could have some alone time with my Diva Cup. I tried putting it in in the shower. I tried squatting, sitting on the toilet, and many positions which were far from graceful. I was sweating, crying and frustrated!! I texted Janelle and by the time she responded with “ABORT MISSION ABORT!  USE A TAMPON!” I was on a Mexican bus praying for the best. The good news is that it did work even though I could feel it. The bad news is that I could feel it and had Vagina Paranoia.

Diva Seeks Help

I combed the Diva Cup site, emailed them for help, tweeted them {#neverthelessshepersisted}, and watched more than one video tutorial on the matter which were way too long and graphic IMHO, so save yourself the trouble. I ended up trimming the stem as much as I could but it made no difference. Finally, I read somewhere about someone who turned their menstrual cup inside out and found comfort and success. And so, I flipped my Diva Cup inside out and gave it another try. A photograph of a woman holding an Inside out Diva Cup.

Diva Victory

HALLELUJAH it finally worked!! I texted Janelle and all my girlfriends as if I had won the Nobel Prize for science!  I had to – it WAS ground-breaking life-changing information!

I have no idea if the position of my lady bits are such that I have a low-lying vagina or if indeed my three children and their giant heads made me a candidate for the non-existent “size XXL” Diva Cup. Whatever the reason, I need my Diva Cup inside out for it to stay put and feel comfortable. I have no troubles, er, reaching it to remove it though some say they need the stem for removal. I use the u-fold, shove it in as far as I can, and rotate it in both directions till I feel it pop open which is what ensures it won’t leak. I usually wear a pantyliner just in case, but it has never leaked which is a godsend. It is delightful to wear it at night and wake up without the mess; you know what I’m talking about. It is delightful to be able to wear it all day long in the pool. The Diva Cup has made season passes to Typhoon Texas possible, for realz.

Real Talk about Using the Diva

The Diva Cup does require you to get up in your own business but if you’ve had kids, the dignity boat sailed long ago. Just do it. I empty mine twice a day – usually in the shower in the morning and just before bed in the sink. Let me tell you, it was very effective in getting my hubby to fix my sink:: “My sink is not draining well so I’ve been emptying my Diva Cup in yours.” Fixed right up the next day, HA!

Do give yourself a good four months to get the hang of the Diva Cup. Though you might want to try different position to insert it, I recommend practicing while sitting on the toilet because that’s the most practical position. DON’T wait months before trimming the stem or flipping it inside out. Try those tricks right away if you’re having troubles! Diva Cup recommends a special cleaner but I just use my regular soap or Norwex cloths. Since my stem is inside the cup, I use a q-tip to clean it.  A woman holding a Diva cup with the inside of the cup visible.

The Diva Cup really is better for the environment, perfect for travel and many women, like myself, are able to use the Diva Cup even though tampons never worked. In other words, if you can’t use tampons, don’t assume you can’t use a Diva Cup – they’re different!

Need some links? Check out these options ::

The Diva Cup package.
Diva Cup package.

Do YOU have any other Diva Cup tricks and tips? Do YOU have any other questions about the Diva Cup? I’m not a nurse but I could be your Diva Cup Mentor or I’ll give you my friend Janelle’s number!

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Nicole is a forty-something wife and mother of three great kids - Turner {2005}, Ansel {2008}, and Selah {2010}. She moved to Houston from Alberta, Canada, just in time to be introduced to summer heat and hurricanes. Nicole was a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist back in Canada but can’t practice in the USA so now refers to herself as a “Texas Trophy Wife” slash consultant to parents and children at Believe Consulting. Nicole started thrift shopping back in 2012 after her husband lost his job, and embarked on an adventure into secondhand and sustainable fashion that continues to this day! Nicole is known as The Spirited Thrifter because she has a spirited attitude, she likes cocktails, and loves Jesus. She blogs about thrifted style for the everyday woman and other shenanigans at The Spirited Thrifter and can be found on Facebookand Instagram.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I can’t use tampons anymore (since having my girl) and even when I did use them, they bothered me to sit and I’m sure my insides are not in places they should be since I had so much trouble with the tampon insertion. I did have an endometrial ablation last year which has meant no period for the last 7 months (yay!) however it could come back at some point and I will def try this out. I’m also interested in it for my daughter when she hits the need for it too.

    • Hi Amy! I could never use tampons comfortably either! I hope your ablation lasts much longer – I’m a little jealous, not gonna lie!! – but it is a great idea to have a menstrual cup on hand. They are very small and easy to take traveling or even in your purse. Someone commented on the FB post that their teen uses a menstrual cup successfully. I too am getting ready to start the conversations about it so my daughter is prepared. What a godsend it would be for them to use the Diva Cup and not worry about leaks at school and sports and activities!! I wish I myself hadn’t waited so long to try it!! – Nicole

  2. I have a diva cup and it has worked best for me inside out also. I have a sckoon cup too and I actually prefer it over the diva. Don’t forget to boil them for at least 5 min before you start using at each period — some sites recommend boiling once per day. This should reduce risk of toxic shock.

    • That’s good to now about the Sckoon – I hadn’t heard of that one. Yes, the boiling info is in the instructions (though I didn’t mention it in this post). Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for reading and commenting! – Nicole

  3. I used mine before marriage and kids and then after kids I definitely had to turn mine inside out. Works great now! Wouldn’t turn back!!

    • Wish I had started years ago! Also wish they made the trick of turning it inside out more available OR made a that XL size that would work for *some* of us, LOL! Thanks for reading! – Nicole

  4. Oh my friggin gosssshh. I swear my diva was hurting I searched why and it’s because it was too long.. I scoured the internet to find shorter cups stumbled upon the Luna cup but didn’t want to pay more because I already had the diva. I stumbled across your blog and I flipped it inside out (of course after I trimmed down the stem ALL THE WAY, and it was still too long) like you said HALLELUJAH!!! Worked instantly I could feel the different it sit so perfectly Thankyou so much for sharing!!


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