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Nicole is a forty-something wife and mother of three great kids - Turner {2005}, Ansel {2008}, and Selah {2010}. She moved to Houston from Alberta, Canada, just in time to be introduced to summer heat and hurricanes. Nicole was a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist back in Canada but can’t practice in the USA so now refers to herself as a “Texas Trophy Wife” slash consultant to parents and children at Believe Consulting. Nicole started thrift shopping back in 2012 after her husband lost his job, and embarked on an adventure into secondhand and sustainable fashion that continues to this day! Nicole is known as The Spirited Thrifter because she has a spirited attitude, she likes cocktails, and loves Jesus. She blogs about thrifted style for the everyday woman and other shenanigans at The Spirited Thrifter and can be found on Facebookand Instagram.

It’s the End of the Decade. EVERYONE PANIC

The decade meme It started out innocently enough. Someone on Twitter sent a tweet noting that the 20-teens were almost at an end and prompting people to reflect on what they had accomplished in the...
Dear Homework

Dear Homework,

Dear Homework, Thank you so much for your many messages over the past few weeks since the kids started school! I thought I knew you pretty well but you're throwing me some surprises this year...
Homecoming 101. A photograph of nine smiling teenagers wearing mums and garters. Logo: Houston moms blog.

Homecoming 101

When I first moved to Houston in July 2017 and started to make friends, I started to hear talk about "Homecoming." I had heard about Homecoming from movies and TV, but had always assumed...
Step Aside Sephora | Houston Moms Blog

Step Aside Sephora

Step aside Sephora, Momma's out of milk and mascara and only has time to make one stop! That's a true story, and one I faced recently. As I grabbed said mascara en route to the...

My To-Don’t List:: Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About Not Doing It All

Moms often feel pressured to do it all. But sometimes, a "To-Don't" list can be just as valuable and affirming as a "To-Do" list. Summer is a conflicting season for moms. On the one hand,...
A photograph of a woman holding a Diva Cup carrying pouch.

Tips and Tricks from a Diva Cup Mentor

Summer is here and it's time to hit the water! Sounds fun, but for moms, all the water play can be dampened by our *special* monthly circumstances. I don't know about you, but I...
An Ode to My Older Friends | Houston Moms Blog

An Ode to My Older Friends

The other day, I had an astonishing realization. Since moving to Houston in July 2017, I have made many more older female friends. I don’t know if this is a side effect of being...

Moving From Peeved to Pleased with Your Picky Eater

I practiced pediatric occupational therapy for 15 years. I have training in all kinds of therapies including feeding and swallowing, and addressing picky eating. I was pretty good at this part of my job...
What If I'm Not Ready For You to Grow Up? | Houston Moms Blog

What If I’m Not Ready For You to Grow Up?

I've been on solo parenting duty for the past week, and still have a week to go. Already, I've handled a whole lot of situations. My 8-year-old, up way past her bedtime:: "Mommy, what...
What Can A Mom Do About Toxic Masculinity? | Houston Moms Blog

What Can A Mom Do About Toxic Masculinity?

Today is my middle son's 11th birthday. He is my "boys' boy." He's tall, strong, and sporty. Give him any kind of ball and he will intuitively know what to do with it. He...