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By now I’m sure you have heard all about subscription boxes – a monthly fee to get a fun little surprise in the mail.  The popularity of subscription boxes started out a few years ago with sample beauty boxes.  Around $10/month would get you about 4-5 sample-sized beauty products.  It was a fun way to try out new products, and from there – the market has just grown.

Today there is a subscription box for everyone :: moms, dads, babies, pets.   They vary in products too :: beauty products, craft ideas, toys, food, natural food, clothing, accessories, hair, pregnancy, wellness, eco-friendly, and even alcohol!

I’ve tried out a handful and have my eyes on a few more to try, so  I’d love to hear what you think about them and which ones you’ve tried.

They also make great, easy gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and even baby showers.  My husband, who works in sales, also pointed out how great they are for client gifts.  For only $10/month you can keep yourself and/or business at the top of someone’s mind!

Before signing up for a subscription box, I recommend looking at two things – the brands they work with and the cancellation/hold policy.  You should be familiar with at least some of the brands to ensure it’s a professional service that you will be happy with.  Regarding cancellation policies, I have yet to come across a box that penalizes you for stopping the service and starting back up.

Disclaimer:  I’ve included the links to all of the boxes below.  Some of these are affiliate links, but they may also save you money too!  For instance, if you use the Citrus Lane link you will receive 50% off your first box!  I may receive a discount if you use the link to signup, but you will get to do this too and it’s like “Subscription Box Pay It Forward!”

If you are a first-timer :: Birchbox

Birchbox1I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber on and off for a few years.  There is a lot to love about this subscription box which is why I recommend it to everyone as a great way to get started in the wonderful world of subscription services.  A monthly box is only $10/month and includes 5 beauty products.  Most of the products are sample-sized, but you will often receive a full-size product so your $10 fee easily pays for itself.  In last month’s box I received a full-sized black eyeliner that retails for $15.00.  Brilliantly, you can put your subscription on hold anytime.  Whenever I’m watching my budget or when I was pregnant and wanting to spend all my extra dough on baby items, I put this on hold.  Even though it’s only $10/month that’s still money.  I love that I’m not locked into anything long term.

Finally, through you are able to purchase the full-sized products that you already tried or discover new ones to purchase.  You can earn points from your purchases or referrals that can go towards more purchases.  Just a fun little incentive!  Over the years I’ve been using Birchbox, I’ve discovered a lot of products that I now use everyday like my Juicy Couture Perfume, Beauty Blender, and Stila Smudge Stick Eye Liner.

Similar boxes to consider :: BeautyBox 5, Glossybox, Julep Maven, Ipsy

If you want to treat hubby :: Birchbox for Men

Not all men would appreciate a Birchbox subscription, but if your guy is a little “metro” he might enjoy this one – whether he admits it or not.  I gifted my husband a Birchbox Man subscription last month, knowing that I could cancel anytime if he didn’t like it.  This box is a little pricier at $20/month so I look at this one as more of a treat every so often rather than an ongoing subscription.  In case you are wondering what the heck guy beauty products entail, last month Jason received a Bonobos pocket square, deodorant, cologne sample, tie bar, and facial cleanser.  He enjoyed getting something fun to open in the mail, and I’ve noticed that he’s actually using the products.  I’m not sure he’d admit that he liked it though.

Similar boxes to consider for hubby ::  Root Bizzle, Dollar Shave Club

If you are a new mom or mom-to-be :: Citrus Lane

Bluum3When I was about 8 months pregnant {and missing my Birchbox}, I signed up for Citrus Lane and was a subscriber for the first few months of Jack’s life.  I ended up putting it on hold when Jason and I were going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University {#reallife}, but I’d love to get it again in the future.  This is another pricier one at $21-29/month, depending on how long your commit to.  I did a 3 month for $24/month.  I can honestly say though that some of our favorite baby products and toys came from Citrus Lane.

This box gives you full-size products customized for the age of your little one {ages 0-3}. It’s a great way to discover new brands or get fun little treats for your kiddos.  I loved how perfect the timing of the products were.  When Jack was teething, the Citrus Lane Gods knew it and sent us the best teether I had never heard of.  When Jack started using the big-boy tub, we received his favorite bath toys from Boon.  I can imagine how fun it would be to open this box now that Jack is older and more aware of toys and new items.

Similar box to consider ::  Bluum {I’ve also tried this one and loved it!}

If you want to splurge :: Stitch Fix & PopSugar Must Have Box

StitchFixStitch Fix is a personal shopping experience that only costs $20/box for the styling fee; however, I say it’s a splurge because you could potentially fall in love with all five pieces they send you to end up costing you $100+ or so.  Basically 5 pieces of clothing/accessories are mailed to you in a cute little box.  You have 3 days to try the items on in the comfort of your own home.  You can keep all 5 pieces and receive 20% off your entire purchase, keep a piece or two and send the rest back, or send all of it back {and lose your $20 styling fee}.  It is really fun to see what was pulled for you and how you can work it into your wardrobe.  You can read more about my first Stitch Fix experience here.

The box on my wishlist is the PopSugar Must Have Box.  The pricetag is $39.95/box.  Yes, that is pricey, but here me out!  These are full-size products that are current and popular.  Last month’s box included 1) Kendra Scott Earring or Necklace, 2)Lollia Shower Gel, 3) Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie Mix, 4)Bite Lip Gloss, 5) Candle, 6)Protein Bar, 7) To-Go Meal & Dipper Set.  I have yet to see a PopSugar Box that I would have been disappointed with.  This truly is a momma pamper box!

If you want to spoil Fido :: BarkBox

Man’s best friend would appreciate a little box love too!  Bark Box has you covered for $18-$29/month depending on your commitment.  It’s $24/month for 3 months.  All you have to do is choose your dog’s size so they will receive appropriate products and wait for your first box!  Products may include treats, food, and toys.  I have considered this box for Tucker many times, but he is not much of a toy player and a very picky eater, so I figured the money would be better spent just going to Petsmart and picking out some treats I know he likes.  If your dog isn’t as picky as mine, this would probably be really fun for them.

Similar boxes to consider :: Bugsy’s Box

So now I want to hear what Houston Moms think about subscription boxes!  Fun little treat or waste of money?  Comment below!

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Chelsea P
Chelsea is a native Houstonian now residing in Sugar Land. She is married to Jason who she met at the Houston Rodeo of all places! Together they have two boys, Jack {May 2013} and Colin {October 2015} along with their puppy brother, a Chihuahua named Tucker. Chelsea spends Monday through Friday working full-time in the healthcare industry in marketing and business development in order to keep up with her online shopping and Starbucks addiction. She can win any pop-culture game you throw her way, enjoys long strolls through Target and Sephora, and believes that anything can and should be monogrammed. You can follow Chelsea’s daily adventures over at The Perfect Catch Blog or on Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest as @ChelseaPurifoy.


  1. I lobe Little Pnuts is a quarterly box, full of toys based on baby’s age. I love the products because they are all great quality, no electronics, and not plastic!

  2. At one point I was getting glossybox, Birchbox & Ipsy. I cancelled them all & started getting the popsugar box & haven’t looked back. I freaking love that box & it has so many items that I would have loved to buy in the store but could justify the price, so it was nice to get them in the box! We also get the Loot Crate for my nerdy 5 year old, he loves it!

    • Thanks for the comment Katie! That is a huge testament to how awesome the Popsugar Box is that you dropped your other subscriptions! I can’t wait to get my first one. I’ve had a lot of people tell me how much they love getting these boxes as birthday or Christmas gifts.

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