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We are excited to partner with Energy Ogre again this month! Moving this summer? We highly recommend you check them out...

Moving is a hassle, regardless if you have children or not. There are so many things that you have to do.  From address changes to living amidst ALL the boxes and packing tape, it truly is a ton of endless work. Moving during your third trimester of pregnancy with your third baby…there are just no words, y’all.  Some people enjoy moving and settling in; however, I am really not one of those people. I think if I see another brown box this year {that is not a shipment from Amazon} it will be all too soon.

We were fortunate in our move to have a ton of help from family and friends, which has enabled us to settle in quickly. By dividing and conquering our to do list, my husband and I have been able to get things up and running and make it a fairly seamless transition for our children, which is so important {and likely worthy of an entirely separate blog post}. One area that I was in charge of for this move was the handling of our electricity provider, which admittedly was something I knew nothing about. I know more about quantum physics than I know about turning on electricity at a new home.

However, the process could not have been easier, thanks to Energy Ogre. Simply visit their website and sign up through the most simple process and tell them what your needs are. Side note :: their Ogre mascot guides you through the entire process and he is SO PRECIOUS. {He also as a sense of humor!}

Once you have completed sign up, you will get an automated email confirming your information and asking you a few more questions about your property.  After Energy Ogre has all of your info, they go about the work of matching you with the right electricity provider for your home and your work is done, my friend.

TWO DAYS after I enrolled with Energy Ogre, they found my provider. It could not have been easier. There are over 130 electricity providers in our area, and it would take me weeks to decipher all of the numbers and choose a plan. Having a company do all of this for me – for only $10 – was a huge blessing for our move. Once I was enrolled, I scratched it off my to-do list and walked into a cool, comfortable home on move-in day.

If you aren’t planning a move {lucky, you!} and you are just looking to lower your electricity bill, they can help you with that, too. We often are not locked into contracts the way that big electricity companies would like for us to believe, and the advisors at Energy Ogre can honestly help you with any questions you may have about switching providers. We had such a great experience and anytime that cute Ogre pops up in my mailbox, I smile! You won’t regret visiting Energy Ogre to see if they can help you with your monthly bill or moving needs.

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